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Imagine a world where you do not need a web hosting account, an expensive software to install, and don’t have to wait any extra minute to launch your next profitable website. Simply login, pick the type of website you want to build (membership site, online store, coaching site, and many more), buy a new domain name and map it to your unique site URL.

Bingo! And your website is ready…

Start adding content to your site, create membership plans or products for your store, and start selling. Build as many sites as you want using just one account. Buy a new domain for every site you build, point it to our servers, and start selling. You don’t have to worry about buying hosting account, scalability issues, bandwidth problems…ever again. When you build a website with Site Man Pro, it takes care of all traffic spikes, and handles addition of hardware resources required to keep your site in good health and running. Isn’t this exciting?








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