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Need help setting up your Facebook; Twitter and other social accounts,Learn by watching how to execute an effective Social Media Strategies, How do you stop your network, server or site getting hacked. How can you protect sensitive data from being intercepted by hackers. This course will not teach you how to hack. This course will not going to teach you how to hack, if this is why you want to take the course then this is not right course for you. This course will show you what an average hacker uses to exploit a vulnerability to penetrate your network, WordPress ‘The Ultimate Security Guide’ is designed for any WordPress novice and professional alike. Anyone that is actively using or thinking of using WordPress as a platform in terms of a website or a blogging platform needs this course to empower them to take control over their site and hosting platform.The aim of this course is to take a complex and frustrating subject for most and turn it into easy and an enjoyable task. Not only you will get access to all the mentioned high quality video training, you will also get to ask our experts questions related to Social Media; Online Advertising; SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Web Design.You Will also get access to our monthly On-Demand Live Webinar.


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