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With Social Sheriff you will be able to Find people, groups, pages, posts, photos, events, and videos about any keyword of your choice. Runs multiple graph searches at once and organizes results by topic, It Uploads a list of users and sends them each inbox messages or wall posts.  Customizes messages with First Name, Last Name, Hometown and Current City, Social Sheriff compiles a list of users who like, share and comment on any page, post, photo, or group and sends your message to the most active users, Expands your network and grow your friends list on autopilot.  Social Sheriff invites friends that you find through graph search.  It also adds suggested friends, Automatically replies to anyone who sends you a message with a keyword that you specify.  Great for product inquiries or requests for more information, Automatically confirms friend requests.  Sends a thank you note when accepted into group or when someone accepts your friend request. Sends birthday greetings.

Module 1 : Interactions -Reach Your Target Audience Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

  • interacts with profiles, pages, groups, and posts.
  • Customize lists of people to interact with.
  • Send private messages, post to walls, comment on posts.
  • Add friend, follow users, like pages, join groups.
  • Sort newly added friends into lists.
  • Add dynamic user variables into messages, such as First Name, Last Name, Hometown.
  • Post URLs and add images and files to messages.
  • Smart tracking to prevent duplicate messages to the same user.
  • Captcha solving algorithm.
  • Prevents messages from being sent to the ‘Other’ folder.
Module 2: Scraper – Advanced Data Extraction Capabilities Not Found Anywhere Else

  • Extract user IDs and Facebook email addresses.
  • Extract members of groups.
  • Extract the real login email address of your friends.
  • Extract users who like, comment, or share on a fan page.
  • Extract the friends of your friends.
  • Organize your results by keyword or search phrase.
  • Get your own account details: Your friends, pages you like, groups you joined.
Module 3: Quickstart – Run Several Functions Automatically on the Schedule You Specify

  • Private Message Autoresponder
  • Friend Request Autoresponder
  • Group Request Autoresponder
  • Birthday Greeter
  • Confirm Friend Requests
  • Add Suggested Users
  • Automatic Posts Liker
  • Group Manager
  • Interactions Module
Module 4 : Tools – A Host of Other Features Designed to Put Your Facebook Marketing On Autopilot

  • Add Click able Images to Posts (Clickbait Poster)
  • Upload a List of Users and Send Them Friend Invites
  • Or Select a User to Send as a Suggested Friend to Others
  • Add Suggested Users
  • Tag Friends in Photos, Posts and Comments
  • Auto-approve Friend Requests
  • Automatic Posts Liker
Module 5 : Other Tools – Even More Features That Help You Leverage Your Efforts



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