Social Sleuth


Social-Sleuth Software is Powerful software that will catapult your FB marketing into the stratosphere by revealing hidden niches  and lucrative opportunities. Social-Sleuth Software  tackles the challenge of niche research, content freshness, and campaign profitability with innovative technology never released to the public – until now.

Discover Top Selling Designs and Apparel, Social Sleuth enables you to discover shirts on all platforms, not just Teespring. It will show designs hidden from search engines and dark posts for any niche.

Uncover Massive CPA Offers Making $$$, CPA Offers still bring in big bucks on FB with a carefully crafted funnel. Now you can reverse engineer these proven winners to replicate their success.

Explore Best Selling Physical Products, Skyrocket your e-commerce business by researching trending items on all platforms. This includes any e-commerce site such as Amazon or CafePress.

Get Access to Full Funnels in Any Niche, is used by top marketers and professionals in many niches. Using Social Sleuth you can discover their complete paid funnels being run on FB.

This fast, lightweight app does all of the heavy lifting for your niche research to save hours of time. Social Sleuth is 100% compliant and is within all terms of service.  Your FB account will not be at risk using Social Sleuth. Social Sleuth is a lightweight Google Chrome extension that will work on any system provided Google Chrome is installed.

Some examples what you can do:

  • Discover profitable ad campaigns on Facebook from platforms like Teespring, ViralStyle and Fabrily.
  • Get new ideas for campaigns that are hidden from search engines and/or other spying software.
  • Find content (f.e. Contests and Giveaways) that have massive viral exposure.
  • Reverse engineer CPA campaigns that are crushing it on Facebook.
  • Get a real time pulse on what’s working NOW for a huge market advantage.


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