Social Video Magic


Social Video Magic is a Facebook Video Marketing software tool which uses the Video Player to the maximum of Facebook. It is auto FB video poster and a video creation software, all in one program. You can discover the one piece of ‘easy to use’ technology that can double, triple, or even quadruple your profits from every single campaign you run, New ‘technology’ that allows you to get massive, highly-targeted conversions for almost any type of offer that you can imagine, Easily customize, brand, and add calls to actions to the Facebook Video or YouTube’s videos,We’re giving away “White Label” rights to the software on the call.  You could be that winner. Choose from pre-loaded background templates or use your own image with custom text and voiceover and publish engaging videos with call-to-action that play directly inside your Facebook profile and newsfeed.There are also “quick videos” included which are ready-to-go video templates related to specific niches that are ready to publish in seconds.The only thing you need to do is add your website URL and you’re off to the races!Want more? You can grab photos from an album in your Facebook profile (or anywhere else) and combine them to create professional videos that can be published with your call-to-action as well.Social Video Magic also includes branding features in which you can add your company’s watermark to any video.In addition, it will display the number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks to your videos from your members area.





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