SociVideo Jukebox Pro


With SociVideo you can create so much original, unique content to post every 30 minutes to social media to get tons of free, targeted traffic. Create a new “Jukebox” or category for each type of content you want the app to post on autopilot.

You can create a Jukebox for your blog posts,GIFS, cinemographs, images, memes,  quotes or videos, and more. Fill your Jukeboxes with a content playlist just like you’d choose a music playlist from real Jukebox.

You can load up your own content, or let SociVideo Jukebox automatically fill your Jukeboxes with popular, trending or viral content from around the web.  Choose when and how often each Jukebox should post on Facebook and Twitter.

SociVideo Jukebox will shuffle and randomize your content and post to Facebook and Twitter for you on total autopilot. Want to schedule a single on-off post instead? No problem. Click “Add New Post”to schedule and send posts one time only without adding them to your Jukeboxes.





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