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SociVids is an amazing app enabling you to put any video into action with your links in a way that when a customer finds a video and click on it, the video advertising for you even if you are not the owner of the product 100% so you can make an affiliate commission from that product.That means you can put An opt-in form, A call to action and etc INSIDE ANY YouTube VIDEO in the world Just paste your product, affiliate link, or CPA inside ANY video and let that video do the work of selling for you. You can also Add a working opt-in form that users will be able to fill out from DIRECTLY INSIDE any video. That means the video you use will work as a squeeze page without EVER having to create a squeeze page…You don’t need a website, a domain, or ANYTHING except for any video in the WORLD and SociVids to collect leads faster than ever.By allowing viewers to click through to sales pages and click on your affiliate links from inside any video, you’ll make more sales without ANY extra effort.Leverage other people’s videos, AND other people’s products, to make YOU easy money.You don’t need your own video, you don’t need your own products..Take any embeddable YouTube video, and take any affiliate link, and you have a guaranteed unique selling tool with absolutely no hassle at all.




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