SociWiz is a software that creates mini promotional content that can send traffic to any page you desire. Traffic is from top 5 Social media networks : Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and G+. The mini promotional links are great because if you send lots of traffic to one offer, and it does not convert, you can easily redirect that traffic to any page you desire with 1 little change.In just 3 minutes or less, Sociwiz can start driving traffic to any page that you desire : squeeze pages, cpa offers, sales pages, jv pages and videos. As content created is social friendly, Ivana Bosnjak have included 5 additional traffic boosting video tutorials so you can boost your traffic even more. These tutorials are going to show you how to set up your profiles and drive even more traffic to your sites.SociWiz software is integrated with top 5 social media networks, but you can post your promo links to any place you desire, and Ivana Bosnjak have included top 50 places to get instant traffic to your pages.



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