Speed Recruiting


A simple recruiting system that anyone can use. It’s dangerously effective, it works like gangbusters and the best part is that you dont have to be a rocket scientist to use this.

The Speed Recruiting System will show you how to build your team without bugging friends and family, without spending a bunch of cash and without having to know any technical wizardry.

The Speed Recruiting System was specifically designed for those who need results fast. It does exactly that – you don’t need a list of prospects, you don’t need any websites or your friends and family. This system is the fastest way to build a team or make your existing organization bigger…and do it at a neck-breaking pace..



The Speed Recruiting System is the easiest thing on the planet to implement today…and see results today. It’s just that simple.Don’t let the size of this digital book fool you. You’ll learn top to bottom how to fill up meeting space and absolutely crush it with incredible results all in less than 30 pages of pure nuts and bolts to get started right away.

It’s chalk full of useful information…the top to bottom offline recruiting strategy that works like gangbusters. There’s no fluff or filler content.As a matter of fact, it was created to produce fast results…to see you adding new distributors in less than 24 hours from right now!

The motto here is simplicity – not overkill or to create information overload.There’s nothing else necessary. This system is “whole” and complete as is.The exact system that shows you everything you need. It’s the exact offline marketing system I’m using to absolutely crush it with my primary business.

It doesn’t need to be long winded and doesn’t need to consist of a bunch of fluff and filler. It’s to the point, concise and most importantly…it works.

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