Split Social


Split Social combines a new thing we like to call Social Split Testing with the power of going VIRAL, allowing your visitors to easily run Viral Giveaways,  Contests, Sweepstakes and a lot more.

Using our Facebook Marketing Funnels you will be able to Use our Contest Page Templates to build amazing “contest funnels” that will get you both traffic and leads at the same time, “Force” your visitors to buy while bringing you more visitors by enticing them with a nice prize…

Randomly select winners based on likes or comments from all your Facebook posts (works on groups, pages and external comment boxes), Find out exactly and automatically which shared title, image or description gets you more visitors with our new social split testing feature…

100% Facebook TOS Compliant It’s backed by algorithms that allow you to test multiple variations without worrying about sample size, testing duration, or statistical significance.

Our plugin is constantly working behind the scenes to finely tune your results as soon as it gets them. Never worry about your ads account being shut down, We’ve had experienced Facebook marketers testing this plug in for several weeks to iron out all the bugs and now it WORKS just perfect and more…



 While other Fanpages are shriveling up and dying and Reach decreases every day…Our posts are getting more comments, likes, and shares than EVER before…And we are not spending a single penny on Post Engagement ads!

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to skyrocket your Reach and Engagement in today’s tricky Facebook marketplace!3.jpg4.jpg3.jpg


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