Stealth Video Sales

 How to actually SELL with marketing videos on a regular basis without wasting tons of time or money

The reason is that online video has quickly become one of the best marketing mediums the world has ever seen.

Using our system we’ve promoted hundreds of affiliate products with great success. What we love about it is how easy yet still effective it is to create these profit pulling videos week in and week out.

image5Whether you are doing reviews, mailing your list or any type of promotion this formula can help you take it up a notch.One of the fastest growing and smartest ways to make money online is by selling your own software or digital products. That is what this formula was built for.

Although we’ve “re-purposed it” for many different uses at the core it’s designed to sell Digital Products.

Have a Kindle book you want to sell more copies of at a higher conversions rate? Great. This formula will help make that

Have a physical product you’d like to sell more of with less traffic? Perfect. Our System can help you do just that.

Here’s what you’ll Learn Inside:

  • Standard Sales Video – We use this 30 minute educational style video as the basis for everything else taught in the course. You’ll get the full breakdown and see us put it into imperfect action that generated us some great income multiple times.
  • Re-purposing for More Money – In this section we show you how to save tons of time by simply re-using (in a specific way) videos you’ve already created. We give you an example of how we slimmed a 20 minute video down to five minutes, placed it in a different funnel and generated almost 10x the revenue.
  • Quick Value Demo – In this section you learn our super simple yet highly effective strategy for creating product demo videos that convert like crazy. You’ll see an example of a video that helped generate some big time sales with very little effort. Massive
  • Video Marketing Case Study – As a part of the bonus traffic training (more below) you’ll see behind the scenes how Justin generated $66k in sales from a YouTube Promotion. It won’t take you long to realize how this knowledge is PURE GOLD. And much much more…


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