Storm/Hurricane Friederike With Up To 63 Knots Crosswind & 20 Go Arounds Or Touch & Go – HvdH-Plane-Spotter

For me it was the most spectacular filming of aircrafts during a hard and gusty storm with amazing crosswind landings. This storm/hurricane Friederike with up to 63 Knots crosswind at DUS Düsseldorf airport in Germany was the hardest storm after 11 years in Europe/Germany and many airports was closed. Düsseldorf was open all the time, but about 20 planes aborted the landing go around or did a touch and go. Some pilots did a great job and landed the aircraft during these extreme conditions with spectacular and skilled handling.

Used Equipment and Cooperation: – Video cutting software: Magix Video Deluxe “PRO X” – Wind Statistic from… Planes in the crosswind storm video: Emirates A380, Delta B767, ANA Boeing 787, Dash8, A320 … Overview of all aircrafts: 00:00 Wind-statistic Storm Friederike at DUS from 00:05 Storm at Düsseldorf airport in time-lapse 00:10 Moving Eurowings Dash turboprop approach in gusty storm 00:44 Spectacular crosswind sideways Dash 8-Q400 D-ABQD landing 00:55 Touch down Eurowings flight EW9203 from Bologna 01:00 Go around A320 at RWY 23R 01:20 Crosswind landing Eurowings Dash 8 at Runway 23R 01:38 Go around Eurowings Dash 8 Q400 D-ABQ? 02:00 Touch and go Dash 8-Q400 in former Air Berlin design 02:30 Approach Eurowings A320 RWA 23R 02:36 Go around Eurowings A320 02:46 Approach flybe Dash 8-Q400 RWY 23R 03:00 Go around flybe Dash 8 G-PRPB LCY-DUS 03:11 Go around Germanwings A320 03:29 Gusty approach and go around Eurowings A320 03:48 Stormy landing flybe Dash 8 flight BE1401 from London 03:58 Go around Dash 8-Q400 in former Air Berlin design 04:11 Stormy landing Dash 8 D-ABQE EW9181 from FLR Florence 04:34 Bumpy landing EW 9413 A320-214 D-AEWK from Lyon LYS-DUS 04:48 Safety run at RWY 23R 04:53 Go around Eurowings A320-214 at RWY 23L 05:06 Go around Pegasus A320 05:27 Stormy take-off Condor 05:42 Extreme stormy landing Eurowings A320 06:02 Go around A320 at RWY 23L 06:22 Go around EW9001 MUC-DUS Dash 8 D-ABQH at RWY 23L 06:32 Approach Delta Airlines 06:53 Delta Go away to FRA Frankfurt 07:08 Lufthansa A320 goes around at RWY 23L 07:28 Amazing rainbow ended at runway 23R 07:37 ANA B787 JA-877A NH209 from Tokyo with water spray 07:54 Taxi ANA B787-9 flight NH 209 NRT-DUS 08:03 Landing Emirates A380-800 08:14 A380 flight EK 55 DXB-DUS touch down at runway 23L 08:18 A380 reverse thrust with amazing water spray 08:52 Timelapse from storm Friederike in Düsseldorf






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