Subliminal Booster – How To Bypass The Conscious Mind & Get a Focus-Key to Be a leader in Life


There are more and more research that prove that a positive attitude is important for success . But not only that. You’re also better with stress and grief, a positive attitude is better for relationships.

It is important to work step by step and not to give up. Positive thinking means to live in the present, and will brighten not only your life but also the mood of the people around you.

Treat people with kindness and respect . Every single person you meet the should be appreciated and treated with courtesy. You must take note that they have all the feelings and their own views of life. This may indeed differ from yours, but equally valid. Respect other people, that also positively affects your own self worth .

Positive and happy thoughts, love and respect for yourself and others, are the quickest route to prosperity. It is important to understand that your happiness leads to achievement and success. In a State of happiness and joyful State, having more energy, we’re motivated to achieve amazing results. Most of the people in our environment today live in a spiral of negativity.

SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER displays affirmations on your computer screen at either conscious or subconscious levels. It works in the background while you use your computer.

Choose from over 300 powerful pre-written affirmation categories or create your own! And let it run. Yes, that is all you have to do!

As it runs, it silently”reprograms” your mind, using its powerful and completely safe “subliminal mind technology.”

SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER is flashing messages that you select directly to your subconscious mind with incredible speed!

You can Achieve your desired goals using our Powerful Subliminal Technology in the form of the most Powerful Subliminal Software on the market. This powerful software will help you to direct your attention on a subconscious level using the enormous power of Subliminal Messages.

SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER is Powerful and Easy to use: you just select the categories and press “Start” button.


Easy to use control panel and unique features

  • Affirmations can be text messages or pictures or both -Subliminal booster software supports textual messages and pictures.
  • Add, Edit or Delete your affirmations -Built-in editor allows a full and easy customization of all affirmations.
  • Search through affirmations -Finding the right affirmation in the database is easy thanks to advanced searching mechanism.
  • Create new Categories -Need new category where you will add your special affirmations. No problem just click a button.
  • Choose Display Location -Affirmations can be shown on a diferent screen location.
  • Message Display order -Affirmations can be displayed randomly or one after another.
  • Repeat or loop affirmations -How many times should affirmations repeat or loop until you click a stop button.
  • Display messages time and duration -How long should affirmation be visible and pause between them.
  • Select Font of displayed affirmations -Fully customized font size,type,color,etc can be easily set.
  • Set message transparency -Set a degree of transparent visibility for messages.
  • Auto change transparency -This option will set a random degree of transparency every time.
  • Auto change font color -This option will set a random font every time.
  • Auto start with windows -Program can run its self everytime you start a computer.
  • Minimize to tray -Program will auto hide to tray icon when you start it.
  • Tray icon popup window -Popup menu allows you to control the program through tray icon and main interface.
  • Auto saved settings -All settings, edited affirmations and categories are auto saved and loaded each time.


FREE Bonus #1– “LEARN TO FOCUS” – eBook “The Unstoppable Power Of Learning To Focus-Key to Be a leader in Life!”

FREE Bonus #2 – “1500 affirmations and reflections ” – Supreme affirmations available in 30 categories.

FREE Bonus #3 – “Breathtaking inspirational Wallpapers” – With quotes to motivate you on your path to achieve your dreams!

FREE Bonus #4 – “The Power of Positive Thinking report!” –Discover what “positive thinking” actually is and how it help you.

FREE Bonus #5 – “Increasing Productivity Report ” – “Why you struggle to stay productive and ways to become more productive.”

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