Super Jacker – How To Use Authority Contents Legally From Hijacking Sites


One of the biggest problems people just starting their online business have is that they do not have any content. But its actually even worse than that, because while anyone can create content, new people still do not have the most important ingredient.

Authority is the single most important thing no matter what niche your in. If you have authority people will listen to you, they will care about what you say, they will opt in to your email list and they will buy your products. If you do not, they won’t, and you have a long hard road ahead of you.

Super Jacker will work in any niche, and with any monetization type however its ideally suited for List Building, CPA and Affiliate Offers. With With Super Jacker you can get instant content and instant authority in any niche by ‘jacking’ other peoples pages and using them to make sales and get leads at the push of a few buttons

My Slides” Section

In this section, here is actually where you build your Call-To-Actions (CTA) slides that you are going to put to other people’s websites. Just create a new slide, provide it with a name then press ok. After that just press edit to proceed to the editor.

Here you can see the system that is fully drag and drop. In order to add an element into the slide, you just need to grab the element widget then drag it into the canvas (slide). Each element has its own option that is specific to that element.

Once you have already built the slide according to the way you want, just click “Save and Exit” then you will return to the “My Slide Section”

My Jacks” Section

In this section is where you actually “hijack” other people’s websites. If you still have not created any jacks, simply create one like the one in the “My Slides” section, then hit the edit button to continue with the set up.

Once you’re in the editor, the process is actually very simple. Just follow the steps below to complete the process

Now you can see from the example that it’s actually showing me the Buzzfeed website, then right on cue, it will show the call-to-action slide that I created as well, with the timer and the CTA button.

Also, take note that if I share this site on social media like facebook, it will look just like Buzzfeed – it’s going to have the Buzzfeed properties such as the meta tags, the logo, the featured image, basically it will going to look just like Buzzfeed!

Below is the comparison between the link from Super Jacker and the actual link from Buzzfeed when posted on the Facebook timeline

With this product, you can hijack almost any other websites and leverage on its authority that you can use for your own marketing campaigns to build your list, promote products, and potentially make sales.

The software can provide anybody instant content, instant authority, and with those two things already available, you can definitely work on the traffic, so if you’re just getting started and finding it hard to have quality content and authority, you can try Super Jacker by clicking the button below to see for yourself.



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