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Swift Member is a WordPress plugin that is designed to allow anyone, even those who do not have coding or site building experience easily create membership sites. Swift Member is a plugin that is designed to fill the gab and meet the needs of people who can’t code their own sites and who cant or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a cloud based system. You add it to your existing WordPress site and it will let you create a members area in a separate directory without effecting any of the existing site.Swift Member Uses Our Own Special Technology To Automatically Add Your Content to a Professionally Built Membership Site That’s Easy For Your Customers To Use And Navigate.So You Can Now Turn ANY Of That Content You’ve Been Working On Into A Product You Can Be Proud Of, Ready For Members To Use As Soon As They Click “BUY”. This software works with a really easy to understand a work membership portal for each product. You can assign as many products as you want to a membership. Each of these represents a different level.Because before today if you wanted to put your product onto a site that your customers can pay monthly for, you had two pretty average options: 1.Use one of the current limited membership systems that are out there 2.Spend thousands on developing a special site on ‘lock down’ with a clunky user login page, and even then, you’d still need to add in content every month for each user, depending on when they bought in hope that they would keep the subscription. That’s why went to work, painstakingly creating a way that would allow us to easily insert our content into a simple system that automates all the features of what an effective membership site should do. Something that would not only be easily set up once and run on autopilot with automatic adding of content every month, but what would look valuable to customers so that they would be HAPPY to pay month after month for access to their subscription to get access a software that would allow us to automatically hook up to payment networks at the click of a button.


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