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Want to Build Your List and fast?

“Build YOUR List 1st! Get Tips, Techniques, Resources & Top Sites for Increasing Your Traffic & Success with our List Building System!”

…in the next 10 minutes you can be completely setup and ready to
start building your list with our 100% FREE List Building System.

Your Member Benefits Include:

FREE lifetime access to our unique list building system
Referrals Will Be Joining YOUR List First!
Autoresponder tips and tricks for success
Learn from 100 successful list building tips
List of the top recommended solo ad sites
Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside

You earn commissions on anyone who joins your network 10 levels below you, and each person can only sponsor 3 people directly below them.

For example, when the Traffic Wave System automatically recruits 4 people into your TrafficWavenetwork, the first 3 go on your first level (Level 1), and the 4th recruit goes under one of the 3 people in your level 1.

IMPORTANT YOU NEED to have one sign up in your team to start earning from the spill over you will receive. That’s called “spillover, and it means I am very interested in putting people in your organization. I promote daily introducing new members to Traffic Wave. If you’re on my level 1, and I put someone underneath you, then that person is on your level 1 and my level 2, and you and I both make an override commission each month.

The Matrix Buster “The money is in the list” to a whole new level!

Log into T Wave Click affil Manager then at the left Matrix Buster. FREE to register.

Imagine if you had 1,000 people on your list at Traffic Wave … If you send out an offer for a new product to your list and 1 out of 100 buys, that’s 100 sales. (Great if you have an Online Store)… If your profit per product is $10, you could make $1,000 over night.

But how do you get people on you list?

And where exactly do you keep your list?

Trafficwave is where you keep your list … And the Fast Matrix Buster gets people on your list! Plus the promoting of your SFI Splash with Campaign capturing emails. But that’s not all …

When they do that, you make money!

Lets get really creative now and design your splash.


Videlligence – Turn Your Videos Into On Demand Profits In Any Niche And Bullet Proof Your Business With MULTIPLE Income Streams

You now own the 1st ever artificial intelligence software for copy and paste video ad creation. Make top-converting videos FAST with this software that combines breakthrough technology with a simple-to-use template system. We all know that video ads have the highest click-through-rate of any form of digital advertising. You’re about to see the benefits for yourself.  Videlligence will help build your profits, but you’re going to need variety. This will get you even better and faster results, AND create multiple income streams. That’s why we’re introducing the Videlligence Platinum Experience. So you’ll have a constant supply of new and top converting templates for your marketing messages and video service business……

Read more:

Text Ad Matrix

We are different and quite possibly the last exchange you may be interested in joining for some time. Along with all the typical bells and whistles, we have a MATRIX!!

Join as a Pro or JV Partner and be included in our exclusive matrix, which is company forced and pays $35 after you complete a simple 3×2 (12 members)..Plus you get a free re-entry, and that continues forever.

Do you have to do this yourself? No way!! This is company forced, so everyone contributes to your success.Bells and Whistles? Solo Ads, Super Solos, Banner and Button Ads, Traffic Links, HTML/Text Ads…Plus

PTC Ads, URL Cloaker, URL Rotator, Banner Rotator, and Premium Ads. Along with those terrific perks, we include. Profit sharing, a weekly raffle, and terrific commissions.

What is so special about Text Ad Matrix?Not only do you get quality advertising via Solo Ads, Super Solo Ads, Traffic Links, Banner Ads, Premium Ads, Etc. Etc. Etc.We also add in Profit sharing, awesome commissions and a weekly raffle!

I almost forgot to tell you about the awesome feature of the matrix!A Company forced matrix where you get paid $35 once 12 people are under you! Your PRO or JV upgraded account will get you placed into a Company forced matrix, then you get your $35 once the 12 people are placed under you.

You then also get a new position placed into the matrix once you get your $35 so you can go through once again!Lets not forget one simple thing – That $35 is more than you pay for your upgrade.So jump on board this train and lets ride into the future together!

Please Be Aware, This Is NOT a Matrix Site (Or MLM, Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme, Or a Get-Rich-Quick Site), It Is An Advertising Site That Pays Commission On ONE Level Only

Join As A JV Partner or Pro Member and Recieve:

  • Great Commissions for every Pro Member or JV Partner that you recruit (see table below)
  • Plenty of Advertising (see table below)
  • Link rotator with a hit counter for your marketing efforts (see table below)
  • Banner rotator with a hit counter for your marketing efforts (see table below)
  • Random Referrals for JV Partners
  • Activity Bonuses for ALL Members
  • Super Solo Ads To 7 Sites and over 10,300+ members
  • See Table Below For Additional Benefits Of Membership

Northern Traffic


With Northern Traffic you get live, real-time visitors. The results are REAL! Grab a Lifetime of never ending visitors to your Web Site. They provide a way for you to promote your online opportunities while focusing on visitors to your sites and tons of conversions.

If you love promos, gaining credits, upgrades, referrals – then you will love it here. If you are looking for an honest traffic exchange, then you need Northern Traffic.Check it out today and get 100 visits to your sites for joining!  It will not cost you a dime!  How can you lose?

You just can not beat the appeal of no-cost online advertising and more earnings to your bottom line! Are You Getting The Results You Want With Your Other Advertising?

Surf 125 pages at each site
Surfer Rewards

Choose: 25/55/125
Qualify for entry into random draw of these great prizes:
1 Winner of .25/100/100/100
2 Winners of 100/300/300
2 Winners of 50/150/150
Reminder: Email addresses must be the same at both sites
Best to surf between 1:05am(est) and 11:59pm(est)

Auto Marketing

Automarketing is the process of letting your business run itself while you do other things, like sleeping, golfing, skiing, climbing, diving, beaching, spending time with family and yes, even space walking (that’s right, you don’t even need to be on the planet to automarket)…

At Automarketing we have combined the best advertising methods with effective direct email marketing to reach potentially thousands of members. We then show you how to use your leads to get the most out of your efforts, by automating that process.

You can also build a List and earn Commission at the same time… AND, if you use Aweber, you’ll discover exactly how that particular company overcharges you for something you can’t possibly use, which could save you hundreds, or even thousands over time

Sign up for your free membership and receive $200.00 worth of free advertising right now. When you join Automarketing you immediately get traffic to promote your offers (by way of the site members). In fact, you could start emailing prospectve buyers right away.

What Can You Do With This Instant Free Traffic And Valuable Information?
Get New Leads Into Your Own Lists
Promote Anything You Want To Anyone
Learn How To Keep Your Lists Active & Profitable
Earn Money By Promoting This Site
Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites
Recruit Affiliates
Promote Home Business Opportunities
Discover How To Automate Your Business
Announce New Programs, Products and Services


If you promote and refer new members to Automarketing you earn commission on anyone you personally refer who upgrades or buys advertising, on ONE LEVEL only. As a Free member you get 10% of the upgrade payment for every referral upgrade or other purchase. Upgrade and you can improve this to 50% commission!

We provide an extensive Affiliate Toolbox to help you in your marketing efforts, plus you get instant and free access to the extensive Automarketing ecourse on how to automate your marketing so you can earn money while doing anything other than working on your business!

Enhanced Web Traffic


Enhanced Web Traffic is a brand new instant commission viral mailer.Take your promotions to new heights and earn instant commission  direst to your PayPal Account.

Email marketing is proven to be the best method for making sales and you can use their list to reach new prospects.Use their list to increase traffic, build your own
list, build your downlines and make sales.

Besides sending emails periodically using the mailer, you can also send solos to the entire membership. Their solos are not only low cost, but you can also purchase them using credits. (This is almost unheard of in the list mailer industry).

Enhance Web Traffic also has its own virtual currency – eBuck$ for members to use to buy advertising here or at many other sites including some lifetime upgrades!
Enhanced Web Traffic is awarding $200 in cash prizes in their first official referral competition!


Building your list for traffic, downlines and sales has never been easier. You will get:

* Instant commissions paid direct to your PayPal account!

* Periodic mailing to members.

* Solos to reach the whole membership. These solos are not only low cost, but can be purchased using credits! (This is almost unheard of with these mailers).

* Other forms of effective advertising such as banners, text ads and login ads.

* eBuck$, an in site currency, for members to use to buy advertising here or at many other sites including some lifetime upgrades!




EZ Ad Excahnge


Get more targeted traffic, build your downline, email your referrals and make commissions! EZ AdExchange is a very unique Text Ad Exchange, where you browse text ads on the site and click on the ads that you want to view, you’ll earn points for viewing the websites of those ads.

No more viewing websites you have no interest in for 15-30 seconds at a time. Here at EZ AdExchange, you click on the ads you want to view and that’s it.If you’ve earned points for viewing text ads, clicking on banners and solo ads then your websites will always get guaranteed visitors!

The more attention-grabbing your text ads, the more traffic you get – it’s that easy! You only view websites you want to view and are rewarded points for doing that!

Here is what you’ll get as a free member…

* Get 100 points just for joining
* Downline Builder
* Ability to email your downline members
* Post banner ads
* Post login ads
* Post 5 text ads everyday
* Earn $5 for every paid referral

Bonus Materials


See how you can start posting text ads daily for thousands of people see. Its easy, anyone can do it, and best of all its free. Plus you will even be able to post banner ads, and much more.



Easy TV Money


As you know , TV can be a huge time waster just sitting for untold hours watching show after show…And being such a major time drain on other important things we all need to accomplish in our lives.

In this app we will show you what TV ads are the most profitable and ready to be transformed into tiny internet ads that pay-off big.You’ll soon have the knowledge on how to spot winning TV ads BUT also where to find these TV products that almost fly off the shelves.

Here we will show you how to take the same TV ads you watch and match them to the same audience on the internet. This gives you the same selling power of winning TV ads that people have evergreen interest in every single day.

You will learn something here that most marketers never clearly understand. And that’s how to spot winning products that practically sell themselves on a consistent basis. I’ll also show you which products to NEVER sell and to avoid like the plague.

An important factor in selling TV ad products is selling to the emotional needs of your buyers. Since people make buying decisions based on their emotions, I’ll show you how to target exactly what they want and what makes them buy. With my emotional-selling methods, you can’t go wrong in targeting the right customers who want what you sell.


The world of TV and internet AND its audiences are too big and vast to ever become over-saturated. Certain products fade-in and out of popularity, but, if you follow my system, you will gain an understanding on which products to promote that are the hot evergreen sellers.


Social AD Surf

Tens of thousands of members already successfully advertise their businesses with us and get awesome results with Completely viral social media advertising.Its a unique custom game, specially created for our members to help them advertise and earn while relaxing and we have an amazing support, get in touch with the owners every evening in our webinars and ask your questions and Keep in touch with other members on our chat rooms; we are a big happy family here and we support and help each other.


Covert Action Bar Pro

Covert Action Bar is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin that can Grab Your Visitors By The Eye-Balls & Force Them To Click On Any Link You Want. With A Yellow Line, A Single Sound Byte and One Line Of Text Turned A Few Clicks A Week Into Thousands Of Clicks Per Day and An Unstoppable A valance Of Leads and Sales. Covert Action Bar Gets More Clicks and Better Conversions Than All Other Ad Forms Combined On Our Blogs!The PRO version of Covert Action Bar is designed to maximize your results and instantly boost your clicks and profits to insane levels and all this at a fraction of the normal cost.Your visitor got hit with a pop up blocker and That pop up blocker bar looks almost the same in every browser. Some form of yellow bar with a text message on it and something to click (in order to see what was blocked, allow it to display etc) – and a very distinct sound will play too.Write any text you want on your Covert Action Bar. You can even use HTML to make text bold, use different colors and lots of other effects,- You can link your Covert Action Bar to any page you want. Affiliate links, CPA offers, your own sites etc,- You decide if the link should open in the same or a new window when people click your Covert Action Bar, Choose if you want your Covert Action Bar to display only on the front page of your blog, or on all pages and posts, Show your Covert Action Bar immediately, or set any delay in seconds you’d like

If your order the Covert Action Bar plugin from this special page today, we’ll even include multi-site and site flipping license at no extra cost!That means you can…Use the Covert Action Bar on as many of your own blogs as you like – existing and future ones!You can even use it on blogs you build for clients or on blogs you flip for profit!


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