ShockSpots Ad Drop


Shock Spots or Ad Blindness is a WordPress plugin that can make your websites more profitable by dropping a simple short code.There is no need to redesign your website or even add more content because Shock Spots works with existing content turning it into increased traffic and revenue.This plugin was built to change the way our visitors naturally ignore website ads. This is known as “ad blindness”. Discover a brand-new and smart system on Shock Spots Generate a Tiny Piece Of Short code And Drop Into Any Post Or Page To Make It 5x More Profitable Without Any Additional Work, Money Or Traffic. Shock Spots is a simple but highly effective plugin based on the Native ad principle… which addresses a growing problem for online marketers. It increases clicks and profits without changing your website or increasing your traffic.Drop 1 tiny piece of Short code into any popular post or page and watch the clicks and profits sky-rocket. One click: code drop becomes a must click ad for visitors.The perfect tool [Plugin] for anyone, in any niche. Drop the dynamic code under videos, inside content, under articles… anywhere you like.






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