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The software includes our special Theme and Plugin Installer Tools. These offer an easy way to install themes (to change the look and feel of your blogs) and plugins (to add features to your blogs). Although WordPress includes features to install themes and plugins from within the blog admin system, these features do not work on many web hosts.Our Theme and Plugin Installer Tools offer a simple alternative. You can use any RSS feed source, just by entering the web address of the RSS feed. The software includes full instructions on how to find suitable RSS feeds and how to get the web address of the feed. When you have entered your details, the software will instantly generate the plugin.The plugin can automatically append the RSS content to the end of every post, or just append it to the first post shown on each page. Alternatively, you can add the content to specific posts/pages. | Online Marketing Tools

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Add any rss feed that you find on the internet and display it on your blog, 7 Ad sections to display your ads from any ad service like Google Adsense,Build in Google Analytics so that you can track the visitors coming to your site , 5 Star review rating system so that you can do product reviews. | Online Marketing Tools

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