Ad Unit Magic


With Ad Unit Magic you can easily create your own text ads to promote affiliate products from Clickbank or any other source – and then have them inserted into your pages automatically, replacing your existing AdSense ads.  Ad Unit Magic will automatically replace all the Adsense ads on your website with replacement ad units that offer payouts of up to $100 per visitor. It also allows you to dynamically switch the ads, to boost profits on sites where Adsense is still the best option for your primary ads.And it helps protect your Adsense account from click fraud problems that could cause you to lose your Adsense income altogether. With all these benefits, you might expect to pay a lot for this powerful software. look at the video below to How to Add Keywords to Image Ad Unit Inside Google AdWord: Each ad has a title, then the ad text, then the link. It’s quick and easy to create a text file like this. It’s also very versatile, allowing you to take any affiliate or product link and quickly create a short ad for it. When you have created your file, you simply upload it to your web host along with the Ad Unit Magic script.The Ad Unit Magic WordPress Plugin provides you with simple protection automatically.By setting the software to replace your Adsense ads after say 4 page views, this means that visitors can only click on a maximum of 4 Adsense ads. (If a visitor clicks on one of your Adsense ads then clicks their Back button, this counts as a page view).There is also an optional feature to replace your Adsense ads immediately when a visitor clicks on any Adsense ad, to restrict visitors to a single Adsense click.This easy solution prevents the sort of repeat clicking that can lead to click fraud issues.Boost your profits by automatically replacing Adsense ad units with new higher payout ad units. Also protects your Adsense account from click fraud issues.



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