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High Ticket Cash Machines – The Simple Affiliate Marketing Secret That Has Deliberately Been Left Off Every Course You’ve Ever Bought

We’re here to tell you it’s WAY easier to get a few people to pick up a big ticket product you than to get hundreds of ‘little’ sales… especially when competition for low ticket offers is off the hook (notice how many times a day YOU get hammered for the same offers.) Moving to promoting higher end offers with bigger commissions means a HUGE impact on YOUR bottom line. You’ve been sold a bill of goods about promoting affiliate products….low ticket offers are NOT the only way to go for new marketers. With high ticket offers, you only need to sell a FRACTION of the products you’d need to……

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The ROI of Marketing


CMOs and CFOs often speak completely different languages. This can create a lack of understanding and appreciation for the role and impact of marketing on the business. Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar calls this the “existential crisis of the CMO.” He says it’s essential for marketers to think and talk more like business managers than communications experts…..

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Buyer Personas: Inbound Marketing’s Own Criminal Minds – Douglas Phillips


Inbound marketing is, more often than not, all about knowing how your ideal customers think.

Having a solid grasp of who your customers are, what they want when they visit your website, and how they usually like to consume information can help you craft more effective messaging for your marketing efforts.

In a recent call I had with a customer, I was trying to explain why buyer personas are important and how they work. The customer wanted to know how buyer personas helped them and why they should bother doing the research.

One of the first things that I thought of to explain the concept of buyer personas was the concept of criminal profiling a la the show Criminal Minds.

How Is Making a Buyer Persona Like an Episode of Criminal Minds?

You might be wondering what a TV show and your marketing efforts might have in common. Surprisingly enough, quite a bit!

If you’re not familiar with the show Criminal Minds, the basic gist is that it’s a crime drama about a team of FBI profilers who analyze the actions of various criminals to:

  • Establish the criminal’s background;
  • Determine elements of the criminal’s psychology and beliefs; and
  • Predict the criminal’s future behavior.

Using this information, the team creates a profile of the criminal that they then use to identify and capture them using various psychological ploys that take advantage of the criminal’s tendencies.

In a way, creating a buyer persona isn’t all that different from the criminal profiling used by the FBI team in the show.

The main differences are the scale of the profile and the goal. Where Criminal Mind’s FBI team is analyzing the actions of one person to do a deep dive into their psyche, you’ll be looking at the actions of many different people to establish a general pattern of behavior.

Creating a Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona Graphic

So, how does one create a buyer persona that will actually be useful?

A good place to start is by analyzing all of your top-performing customers. These are the people who bring you the most business with the least drama or heavily evangelize for your company. They are the customers who you’re always happy to see in your office or to hear from on the phone.

Note that these personas aren’t necessarily going to be based on your biggest clients, but the ones who bring you a lot of business.

Yes, there is a difference.

For example, you might have a client that’s a large company with big orders, but they may experience so many issues that they end up eating more resources that are worth more than what they pay you for. They might not be the best client to target for a customer persona.

When looking at your highest-performing accounts, try to take a look at:

  • What it is that they’re looking for on your website;
  • How they reached your website; and
  • How they used your site.

Those first two points are easy enough to find by checking your Google Analytics (or HubSpot Analytics) tools to identify traffic sources and which pages had the most views and fewest bounces. The third bullet might be a bit trickier to manage unless you have a heat mapping software program.

Heat mapping software puts a bit of code on your site pages that tracks how people interact with your website—including where they’re clicking and how long they’re sitting on each page.

This lets you know what is and isn’t working, giving you an idea of what works with your customers so you can focus on things that will help convert more customers and avoid things that put them off.

In addition to checking how they’re interacting with your website, try to establish the following information about each of your buyer personas to flesh them out a bit:

  • Personal Data. How old are your ideal customers, on average? What is their general level of education? Do they have a family or not?
  • Their Primary Industry. What field of expertise do they specialize in? How long have they been a part of that industry and why do your products appeal to that industry/market?
  • Job Titles and Responsibilities. At work, what do these people do? Who do they report to, and who reports to them? This is often more important for B2B organizations to know than it is for B2C companies.
  • Where They Live/Work. What is the location of this person or their business?
  • Short and/or Long Term Goals. Given their job responsibilities and personalities, what are the biggest goals that the buyer is trying to meet—both now and in the future?
  • Pain Points/Challenges. Most of the time, when someone visits your website, they have some kind of immediate need. When your best customers visit your site, what are the biggest challenges that they’re typically trying to overcome? Knowing this is always useful information.
  • Information Sources. Where do your ideal customers go to get their information? What online hangouts and news sources do they frequent?
  • Common Objections to Your Services/Products. What are the most common reasons that people who would normally be your best customers would object to using your company’s products or services?
  • Elevator Pitch/Marketing Message. If you had 30 seconds to talk to this persona face-to-face, what would you say to convince them that they need your solution above any others?

Using all of this information, try to sort your best customers into a few (between one and three) different, easily-separated buyer personas.

Note that while your personas will be based on real people, you shouldn’t actually use any one specific person’s real identity for the persona—this is an amalgamation of traits from numerous people who are similar, not a summary of one specific person.

Why You Should ALWAYS Use Buyer Personas

You might be wondering why you should sink so much time and effort into researching your customers so you can create these fictitious personas.

The reason is similar to why the FBI profilers in Criminal Minds sink so much time each episode into analyzing the actions of their “unsubs” (unknown subjects): to get into their heads and understand how they think so you can “catch” them more easily.

Without a well-defined buyer persona, you don’t have any kind of profile to focus on when creating new content. You might know that one offer is outperforming others based on the number of clicks it gets, but you may not know exactly why it’s performing well—such as it being especially well-targeted for one kind of buyer.

Also, you run the risk of focusing on attracting the wrong kind of customers.

Who would be the wrong customer? What separates them from your “ideal” customers?

This can be hard to define, but it’s usually the customers who end up costing your business more in time and resources than the revenue they generate is worth.

An example of a worst-case scenario might be that: You notice that one offer is doing really well on your website, so you double down on it and push it like crazy.

However, the only problem is that it’s performing really well with your absolute worst customers. You get a lot of revenue and results in the short run—only to end up wasting far more in time and materials in the long run.

With personas, you can assign each customer to a persona so you know which prospects to focus on for best results. You can also see if you’re underperforming with specific groups of people so you can create content that targets them better—bring more “Grade A” customers and fewer of those that just make your life harder.

So, if you want to get your man (or woman, as the case may be) like the cast of Criminal Minds, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig into your data!

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The Internet Marketing Guru’s MonsterPLR Secret Weapon For Profiting In The $62 Billion Internet Marketing Industry


As you know we both of years of experience in Internet marketing! Combined we have 25+ years of experience. It is no lie that having your own high quality products to sell is the key to success online.

In fact in this Monster PLR Firesale you get the private label rights to two video complete video courses plus additional bonuses with PLR. The great news is you don’t have to be a marketing expert to create high quality, in demand Internet marketing related products to sell because I have done that for you!

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Literally anyone that wants to start and run an online business. This includes stay-at-home parents, college students, anyone in a job they hate, and more. You can learn from the content in this package and/or resell it!

You can resell 6 different products from this package including Shreya’s “Affiliate Blogging Ninja” course, use them as a bonus to your current offers, add them as an upsell in your sales funnels, use it as a bonus to make more affiliate sales, and transcribe the audio of the videos into text format! Here is the full PLR license.

Keep in mind this license is not intended to restrict you from profiting from it, but intended to protect you fully from or PLR license holders devaluing this great deal.


How PostBlazer Make You A Successful Trader Easily By Sharing Entertaining Content To Social Networks.

Fletcher Prescott makes more than a full time income from his empire of monetized Facebook pages. And you can, too, with his Postblazer training.

In this easy visual training, Fletcher shows you:

  • How to get started in this FUN way of using what Facebook gives you;
  • How to avoid the number one biggest pitfall that can kill your chances of success; and
  • Not one but two ZERO-COST ways to monetize your Facebook pages

Postblazer Platinum – The Fletcher Prescott Masterclass


For the real action taker, Fletcher has laid out everything he knows about building up, managing, and profiting from an empire of Facebook pages.

The best part? This training is visual, easy to follow, and FUN!

You’ll discover:

  • How to build a brand new social media account from 0 followers to 1000s
  • How to turn a raving audience into customers the RIGHT way
  • How to automate their entire social growth
  • How to manage high-paying clients and potentially earn $1000s on the side
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST mistake 99% of social marketers make
  • And much more…

The Postblazer App – The Automation Secret


Postblazer is a full social media automation suite that gives you everything you need to schedule, grow, and profit with Facebook and Twitter all under one roof.

You can easily schedule entire months of branded, viral Facebook and Twitter content in just 1 hour with our drag and drop interface. That means you can sell 24/7 without even being online. It’s like having your own agency promoting your offers round the clock.

Postblazer isn’t just 1 software app, but 3 unique software apps rolled into a complete suite.

Unlike other automation softwares which bombard users with low-quality, poorly formatted posts, Postblazer has a few unique tricks up its sleeve, so you can blast past 10,000s of other automated posts and sell fast.


With our exclusive Find Viral Content and Image Editor features, you can provide a constant stream of BRANDED viral content, products, and promotions with a few clicks and never be left wondering what to post for maximum returns. Posts are high-quality and look human.

Take The Red Pill To Choose Paytrix The Amazing Affiliate Marketing Machine

Paytrix is a brand new training that gives you everything you need to finally make real money online. Paytrix is NOT about exploiting some loophole. It’s a PROVEN system for making money and scaling up to a quit-your-job level of online income extremely quickly
Today, you have the opportunity for us to show you EXACTLY how you can do this . I’ll teach you the exact system I use to make $700+ per day, and between us we’ll also show you how to take that to the next level using the method that Paul and Richard taught me.
This is something I am positive you have NEVER seen before, and will probably never have the opportunity to see again. Paytrix is a brand new system that gives you everything you need to add an extra $0.75 to every $1.00 you make online. Paytrix is NOT about exploiting some loophole.
It’s a PROVEN system for making 75% more from the current affiliate promotions you are running. This means for every $1 most affiliates earn you can now increase your earnings on the same promos to $1.75, simply by following this proven process.

This easy to follow video course shows you how I went from earning $18 a day to over $700 a day.This is great for any newbie who wants to start generating affiliate commissions. I haven’t left anything out all you need to know is inside.


The Paytrix method, it’s mind blowing to see how much potential in earnings could be getting left on the table by the majority of people who run affiliate promotions online.The Paytrix system is so simple yet so effective, we can see exactly how 90% of affiliate marketers are leaving so much easy cash on the table. It’s time to rethink how we run our affiliate promotion


  • This is a COMPLETE system that gives you everything you need to make extra money online
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You’ll discover a brand new, never-before-revealed method for making a daily online income and then scaling things up to 6 figures and beyond. We’re positive you have never seen anything like Paytrix before. This training will completely change what you thought you knew about making money online and give you a simple, step-by-step plan that actually makes you money.

Paytrix is a complete system for making money online, and inside we reveal how to get traffic flowing right away. We even show you how to make money fast with the Paytrix method using 100% FREE traffic.Inside Paytrix you get a Quick Start Guide and access to our Step-By-Step video training.





Traffic Titan – Enjoy Browsing 100 Affiliate & eCommerce Niches: Pre-Loaded with 100,000 SEO & PPC Buyer Keywords | Online Marketing Tools

With this app you will have “Niche Money” software to find Amazon and ClickBank niches making $1,000+ per day.There are 100 affiliate and ecommerce niches pre-loaded.

Source: Traffic Titan – Enjoy Browsing 100 Affiliate & eCommerce Niches: Pre-Loaded with 100,000 SEO & PPC Buyer Keywords | Online Marketing Tools

Affiliate Rex V2 – Automated Everything To Create a Genuine Push Button Solution


Affiliate Rex is a web-based service that offers subscribers an intimidating opportunity to promote one of the available affiliate products presented within its library. The special thing about these products is that they have already had proven successes on their records.

As a result, these profitable affiliate offers have the ability to convert you into professional affiliate marketers in the blink of an eye. Here is a summary of what users are going to receive with Affiliate Rex:

  • Set up a brand new service to advertise stunning and high-converting offers included, and you will also be able to get approvals from product creators more easily
  • Each and every product presented within Affiliate Rex collection comes along with a whole sales funnel, helping you dramatically boost your income
  • Add as many promotional emails to your client list as you want in order to promote your offers to potential leads automatically
  • Drastically enhance click-through rates, making sure that your affiliate commissions are stable and steady
  • Offers subscribers a chance to grab bonus packages and discount vouchers



Watch the following videos of Affiliate Rex in action:

Affiliate Rex Demo Part One:

Affiliate Rex Demo Part Two:

Affiliate Rex is best suited to all types of affiliate marketers, especially those who are looking for a cost-effective approach to save time on setting up the initial steps. Since the processes in Affiliate Rex are completely automated, you do not need to do anything besides put it on and let it function on complete autopilot.

In addition, this tool is also a perfect choice for newbies in the field of affiliate marketing. Although you have no idea how to build a business from scratch before, the training materials included will guide you through the entire process of setting up a profitable business and maximizing the potentials of Affliate Rex.

Affiliate Rex Review

Affiliate Rex V2 will automates, simplifies and speeds up every part and process of your affiliate promotions, and more, by guaranteeing your affiliate approval to a range of proven profitable JVZoo IM products, automating autoresponder and sales funnels, and tracking all your traffic in detail.

This and the additional functions inside Affiliate Rex V2 finally ensure you can get your system or your affiliate business up and running TODAY! Not next week, next month or even months from now. With Affiliate Rex V2, you can have a full affiliate system up and running in minutes.

With Affiliate Rex you know exactly which traffic sources are working and which are not. And exactly how well. This can save you $1000s in wasted traffic by quickly identifying the good from the bad. Kill off the bad traffic and ramp up the good traffic to really make a killing.


Profit Canvas Pro – Drag & Drop Website Builder Suite

Profit Canvas is a super deal package of 4 software tools and a video training course covering all steps and tools you need to become a successful affiliate marketer and/or product seller. The software tools include a drag and drop Page Builder to easily create any marketing or landing page you want.

It also get help from Video Software to monetize YouTube videos with Call To Actions and Lead Generation forms, Webinar Presentation Software using Google Hangouts, and Popup Software that you can place on any URL you want. Must see package.

4 ُSoftware Tools:

  1. Page Builder Software to easily create any marketing or landing page you want.
  2. Video Software to monetize YouTube videos with Call To Actions and Lead Generation forms.
  3. Webinar Presentation Software using Google Hangouts.
  4. Popup Software to use on any URL you want.

What you will learn in this FREE Workshop:

The Page Builder features and the look and feel are more or less the same as SqueezeMatic.

The Popup Software is really cool. You can easily create awesome popups that you can place on your own pages or show on other URLs you don’t control via shareable links. Hence, you can use the power of authority websites and show your own popups above these pages via your outgoing links.

Both the Page Builder and the Popup Builder come with gorgeous done for you templates, but you can create your page/popup from scratch.

The Video Software is an updated version of I like the fact that you can build your list and integrate with all major Autoresponders. However, you don’t have to, because the software also saves the opt-in emails in a CSV file.

But that’s not all, you also get an in-depth video training.


Some topics that you’ll learn:

  • How to start and become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • How to launch your (first) product and get the best results.
  • How to build your email list for dirty cheap costs and monetize your list the right way.
  • How to use all the software tools.
  • Inside view of successful launches and campaigns.

The Element of Professionalism and Innovation In Your Webpages

Now this platform gives you the ultimate freedom to create the web page of your choice with immense ease. You will get the necessary tools through this platform that will allow you to drag and drop the components on your webpage easily.

For example, if you want to add a sign up form, image or buy now button, then simply drag them on the page and place them wherever you want. You can also add countdown timers on your page.

The best part was that they looked really professional. The system also comes with lots of professional looking landing page templates that you can modify at your own liking.

To give you an inside scoop, below is the list of all the trainings available when you get Profit Canvas:

Main Training 01: General Training

  • Building a list machine
  • How to build squeeze pages that actually convert
  • Bonus page example
  • Webinar basics
  • List Building with Facebook
  • Why use bonus pages

Main Training 02: Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing Intro
  • Domain Name
  • Making our Website
  • Themes and Plugins
  • Finding Products to Promote
  • Writing Product Reviews

Main Training 03: Ranking Training

  • Intro / Common Myths
  • Picking Keywords
  • Correct Content
  • Using Social Media
  • Google Dark Secrets
  • Wrap Up / Key Points

Main Training 04: Product Creation

  • Why Launch Products
  • How To Get Product Ideas
  • Setting Your Price
  • Hiring A Freelancer
  • Getting Products For Free
  • Why Upsells?
  • How To Attract Affiliates
  • Doing WSO’s
  • The Sales Page
  • Final Thoughts