How To Create Custom & Unique Articles Using Video To Article Tech – Article Genie


The easiest and most powerful way to launch a fully fledged online business in 60 seconds from scratch.Fully loaded with all the premium features that you need to create custom and unique articles that you can sell for 100s or even 1000s of dollars.

Imagine being able to press a button and have a unique article written for you – this is now a reality. Article Genie spins and rewrites any article you want and make a new one 100% unique, with copyscape pass guaranteed that you can instantly sell to any client or person

Just press the button execute and Article Genie will spin out a unique article for you! Regular content writers charge $10+ per article – and now you can output BETTER content than they can write, 100% unique, within SECONDS. This lets you charge less than your competition in order to DOMINATE the market – and make thousands a month while barely lifting a finger!


  • Creates Custom & Unique Articles with One Click
  • Content Curator to All Your Needs
  • Instantly Transform Any YouTube Video Into an Amazing Article
  • Rank Your Sites to The First Page by Posting Unique Content
  • Automatic Video Curator & Poster
  • Works on PC / MAC

Article Genie is 100% safe! With our app solution you have copyscape pass guarantee, making sure the articles will be all unique, human-readable, in the way you need!  A lot of people don’t want to just sell articles but they want our software to use on their own online business, and of course you can use it in your advantage, with our app you have unlimited content to grow any of your businesses.

With Personal License you’ll be able to use our app only in your own advantage, in your own sites. Now, the Commercial License enables you to use this software in a commercial way, eg: sell articles to clients, charge a hefty fee for the articles, use the app for your clients, etc. In fact, Commercial License is way better than personal, so its the best deal to get Commercial!

Works on both, Article Genie was made either to PC & MAC – Just download our zip file, extract to your computer, open the .exe file and you have Article Genie working for you



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