Article Site Power Kit Pro

Article Site Power Kit PRO Version uses a special feature called “random snippets” to make your web pages different to those of anyone else. Snippets have a length (typically 100 to 400 characters), so for example a 300-character snippet would be a section of 300 characters taken from an article. A “standard snippet” is taken from the front of an article, so it is basically just the first few sentences of an article. These are commonly used on article sites, but do not have much benefit in terms of unique content. A “random snippet” is taken from anywhere in the article, so it is basically a sequence of words taken from somewhere in the middle of an article. The templates supplied with Article Site Power Kit Pro Version include an extra section on each web page, providing snippets taken from other articles on your site.The software fills this part of each web page with random snippets taken from some of the other articles being used to build the site.Hence each web page of your site contains the main article for that page plus a set of randomly selected snippets of other articles.Since the snippets are randomly selected, the odds of anyone else having the same web pages, even if they are using the same content, is practically zero.This simple solution builds unique web pages for you with zero extra effort.




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