7 Tips For Licensing Intellectual Property From Brand Owners

Illustration: Getty Images Do you understand the different ways licensing has the potential to add value to your business? You can create additional revenue streams by licensing “out” the intellectual property you invent and develop. (This is typically what’s known as product licensing.) To help you accelerate the growth of your brand, entrepreneurs should consider […]

Top 5 Security Hacks to Defend Your Crypto Wallet!

RWaltz Blockchain Solutions Experts With a massive number of cryptocurrencies exploding in the market, crypto wallet application adoption is also rising at a faster pace. With the technological revolution, hackers have also fine-tuned their hacking methods and have now grown up smarter to hack your crypto wallets. Generally, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company offers multi-layer security […]

Fighting Identity Theft With The Red Flags Rule

An estimated nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity thieves may drain accounts, damage credit, and even put medical treatment at risk. The cost to business — left with unpaid bills racked up by scam artists — can be staggering, too. The Red Flags Rule1 requires many businesses and organizations to implement […]

Google And Facebook Hit With $238 Million Fines In France Over Privacy Violations

France’s data protection regulator on Thursday hit Google and Facebook with fines of €150 million ($170 million) and €60 million ($68 million), respectively, for failing to provide internet users an easy way to disable online trackers, marking the latest in a series of fines faced by the two American tech giants for failing to comply […]

Hybrid Work Needs Cloud PCs, Not VDI

A look at the differences between virtual desktops and cloud desktops, and why businesses need a fresh, cloud-native approach as hybrid working conditions continue to become the norm. With more people working remotely for the foreseeable future, the corporate network’s ability to protect assets has significantly eroded. There’s been an explosion of commentary in recent […]