Microsoft Wants To Automate Medical Notes With GPT4  But Doctors Need Convincing

ILLUSTRATION BY YUNJIA YUAN FOR FORBES; GETTY IMAGES/DNY59; GETTY IMAGES/SUBJUG; GETTY IMAGES/NENOV; GETTY IMAGES/THAMRONGPAT THEERATHAMMAKORN The software, part of Microsoft’s nearly $19 billion bet on Nuance Communications and the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare, promises to generate notes in seconds but accuracy, liability and even issues like how the note gets formatted may make […]

Here’s How Tcodingo Build an App Without Knowing How To Code

Illustration by Julia Schwarz What if you could build an app for your company without having to hire expensive and hard-to-find software developers? That’s the promise of low-code and no-code platforms: wresting the power to solve workflow problems from the hands of the engineers. Can you imagine? “Now,” says David Adkin, co-founder and CEO of […]

AI Can Write Code Like Humans Bugs and All

Some software developers are now letting artificial intelligence help write their code. They’re finding that AI is just as flawed as humans. Last June, GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft that provides tools for hosting and collaborating on code, released a beta version of a program that uses AI to assist programmers. Start typing a command, […]

Data Or Processes: Where To Begin With Intelligent Automation

Over the past year, many clients I’ve spoken with have been looking for ways to make processes smarter, more adaptable and more resilient. According to our recent research, many companies see the combination of AI and automation — or intelligent automation — as key to achieving these goals. Despite the promise of better operational performance with intelligent automation, a […]

Netflix And Boeing Among Today’s Trending Stocks

According to a report from the Washington Post dropped June 12, 1-year inflation is up 5%, while 2-year inflation sits around 5.6%. This has impacted everything from raw materials like lumber and glass to manufactured products. Used cars are up 29.7% in the last year, while gas has shot up over 56%, and washing machines […]