Poetry – Peace, Love and Patchouli

We paint our stories
as images and words linger,
still frames on the edge of memory
decorating our soul with sweet beauty.
We find in foreign places
unexpected pleasures seen
of a day now given eternal life
beneath a noon day sun,
colored walls where strangers move
captured in their unknowing
and transfered,
lay waiting for the sands of time to wear away
the picture seen by few
yet remembered by one
on a wall reflected by the sea,
step by step we stopped to stare
at a serenity of a girl found there.

At a tiki bar/restaurant yesterday I walked down some steps near where the boats go to gas up and found some beautiful images painted on the concrete. This is one of them.

Source: Simple pieces


Ballet of Poetry — The Lonely Author

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via Ballet of Poetry — The Lonely Author



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