Why Investors Should Lower Expectations For Making Money on Stocks

Vanguard, others predict bonds will rival single-digit returns on stocks; best bets are overseas.The era of big returns on stocks is over. It’s time for investors to recalibrate their expectations. That’s what many Wall Street firms and advisors are telling their clients. Look for lower returns from U.S. stocks during the next decade compared with […]

Recession Watch: ‘Very Concerning’ Sign Of Serious Economic Slowdown Emerges As Stock Market Collapses

“Sentiment is palpably horrible,” says one analyst as more experts turn increasingly bearish on the … [+]  AFP via Getty Images A growing rash of economists are warning the odds of a recession have increased amid a historic inversion of the yield curve—a telltale sign of a looming economic slowdown after the Federal Reserve on […]

Web3 Developers Can Thrive In The Bear Market With The Right Support Services

The blockchain and crypto sector is undoubtedly going through difficult times, with the market falling $2 trillion since its November 21 peak. An overwhelming negative sentiment is shrinking the industry’s resources while weekly outflows amount to $102 million. The Crypto Fear & Greed Index shows that investors remain “fearful” of the current bear market conditions. […]

Low Fee Hedge Fund ETF Gives Investors A Bear-Market Refuge With 22% Return This Year

With both stocks and bonds falling sharply this year, investors becoming discouraged by a standard 60/40 portfolio are beginning to pile into one three-year-old ETF that has served as an effective hedge for this year’s bear market. New York-based Dynamic Beta Investments’ managed futures strategy ETF has gained 22% this year, far outperforming the S&P […]

Crypto Winter Watch: All The Big Layoffs, Record Withdrawals And Bankruptcies Sparked By The $2 Trillion Crash

Fears of global recession and the worst inflation in more than 40 years have wreaked havoc on the nascent cryptocurrency market this year—unleashing a fierce crypto winter that’s forced once high-flying firms into bankruptcy and pushed investors into panic-selling mode. The turmoil has already claimed trillions of dollars in market value, billions of dollars in […]