Binance Coin Recovers Quickly After Recent Bloodbath

Binance Coin seems to have started its recovery after the recent cryptocurrency bloodbath. Binance Coin has seen a 5.71% price rebound over the past 24 hours of trading, allowing the coin’s price to rise back above the $30 mark to trade at around $31.18.

The cryptocurrency has seen a 6% price drop over the past 7 trading days, but has still seen a remarkable 42% price increase over the past 30 days, with a further impressive 104% price increase over the past 3 months.

Source: CoinCheckup

Binance Coin is currently ranked in 7th position amongst the top cryptocurrency projects by market cap value, as it currently holds a $4.51 billion market cap.

The cryptocurrency recently rebounded from support at the short-term .382 Fibonacci Retracement level at around $28.88. This latest bounce may help create a fresh ATH for Binance Coin above the $35 level.

Let us continue to analyze BNB/USD and highlight some potential areas of resistance moving forward.

Binance Coin Price Analysis


What Has Been Going On?

Analyzing the daily chart for BNB/USD above, we can see that toward the end of May 2019, Binance Coin reached a high around $35 and rolled over. The cryptocurrency continued to fall during June 2019, but we can see that BNB/USD recently bounced at support provided by the short-term .382 Fibonacci Retracement level (drawn in green), priced at $28.88. This level should continue to provide strong support for the market moving forward.

What Is the Current Trend?

The current trend for the market is bullish. For this bullish trend to be invalidated, we would need to see Binance Coin fall and break beneath the $28.88 support level. If Binance Coin was to continue to fall further lower and drop beneath $25.18, we could then consider the short-term trend to be bearish.

Where Can the Recent Rebound Take Us?

If the buying pressure continues to build and allows BNB/USD to break above the current resistance around the $31.20 level, we can expect immediate higher resistance above to be located at the short-term 1.272 Fibonacci Extension level (drawn in blue), priced at $32.41.

Above this, further higher resistance is then located at the medium-term 1.414 Fibonacci Extension level (drawn in purple), priced at $34.20. If the bulls continue to drive Binance Coin above the $35 resistance level, we can then expect more resistance to be located at the short-term 1.618 Fibonacci Extension level (drawn in blue), priced at $36.22. This is then followed with resistance at the medium-term 1.618 Fibonacci Extension level (drawn in purple), priced at $38.53.

If the bulls can clear the resistance at $38.53, the next level of resistance above is located at the $40 level.

Where Is the Support Beneath the Market?

Alternatively, if the sellers regroup and push the market lower – we can expect immediate support beneath the market to be located at $30 and $28.88. If the selling continues beneath $28.88, further support is then expected at $27.72, $26.60, $25.18, $24.81, and $22.67.

What Are the Technical Indicators Showing?

The Stochastic RSI is currently trading in extreme oversold conditions, which indicates that the market may continue this rebound further higher. If BNB is to climb above the current resistance, we would also need to see the RSI penetrate above the 50 level.


Binance Coin has been one of the strongest-performing cryptocurrencies during 2019, and is also one of the only ones to create a fresh ATH. The recent rebound at the $28.88 level seems like it will take Binance Coin much higher, which could possibly allow the cryptocurrency to create another fresh ATH above $36.

Source: Binance Coin Recovers Quickly After Recent Bloodbath


Binance Considers Currencies Other than USD for Stablecoin Launches – Cryptovest

Binance may open the doors to issuing stablecoins pegged to multiple national currencies, going beyond dollar-pegged stablecoins, reported Bloomberg. The CFO of Binance, Wei Zhou, stated that new stablecoins will start appearing on the exchange “in a matter of weeks to a month or two”.

The intention to expand to other assets arrives after Binance DEX announced it would host a stablecoin backed by the British pound, though not issued by Binance. In the coming days, a disclosure is expected about the servicing bank for the project, which should hold funds to back each coin with one GBP.

The reason for the launch of new stablecoins are the needs of international traders for more intuitive assets.

“From the users’ perspective, only certain portions of the world use the dollar,” Zhou said. “Other users use other currencies, and we feel it should be reflected in stablecoins as well.”

Binance is the biggest holder of Tether (USDT), holding at least 600 million USDT in several wallets. The exchange also hosts markets for Paxos (PAX), True USD (TUSD) and other smaller dollar-pegged coins.

The exchange shows significant usage for stablecoins, with most assets achieving equilibrium. But recently, Binance reported on a significant anomaly for Gemini USD (GUSD). While other stablecoins increased their supply or at least kept it within range, GUSD saw outflows diminish its supply from around 100 million coins in January, down to around 20 million coins currently.

Binance supports stablecoins on multiple networks, even before opening Binance Chain to the creation of new tokens. The exchange sees the potential for other blockchains to host stablecoins, such as TRON-based and EOS-based USDT tokens.

The Binance report expresses the belief that stablecoins may increase cryptocurrency adoption. The issuance of those types of assets “may lead to long-term benefits such as additional channels for global remittance, greater price efficiency for non-USD cryptocurrency exchanges or the development of blockchain FX exchanges, on or off-chain,” explained the researchers.

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Source: Binance Considers Currencies Other than USD for Stablecoin Launches – Cryptovest

Binance Advises Iranian Crypto Traders to Withdraw Funds From its Exchange – Omar Faridi


Malta-based digital asset trading platform, Binance, has advised crypto traders in Iran to withdraw their funds from its exchange – as it is planning to comply with US-led international sanctions against the state. An email sent from Binance’s support team to an Iranian citizen advised: “If you have an account with Binance and fall into that [sanctions] category, please withdraw your assets from Binance as soon as possible.” Sepehr Mohamadi, the head of Iran’s Blockchain Association, said there have been many incoming emails in recent months that have requested local crypto traders to withdraw their funds from international digital currency exchanges………….

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