20 Habits That Prevent You From Being a Millionaire

Most of us, including you, have bad habits that get in the way. If you are able to abandon the following habits, you must be able to understand that becoming a millionaire is not as far from reality an idea as you think. We all want to be.

For me, as for many other people, these 20 habits were what kept me from becoming a millionaire.

1. Sleep when you shouldn’t

If you wake up until noon and work 12 or more hours per day to make up for a late start. Here’s the thing. I understand perfect, because I struggled with it for years. We are not all active people in the morning. Me, I still stay in bed on cool, rainy mornings.

Successful people are known to wake up early, usually before everyone else at home, so they can get started early on to get work started, catch up on the news, answer emails, and exercise without sacrificing time. they spend with their family.

2. Neglecting your health

“When it comes to health, bad habits do harmful damage,” writes Thomas Corley in ” Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Strategies that Transformed 177 Average People into Self-Made Millionaires .”

When you’re unhealthy, you’re tired, less productive, more stressed, and much more likely to get sick. How can you focus on building your health, if you fight those factors every day?

3. Don’t read

People with money invest the time and effort necessary to expand their knowledge, keep up with the news and trends within their industry, learn from others and take responsibility for continuing to innovate.

As Lipovsky wrote, reading brings different perspectives, allows you to gain various points of view that will in turn expand yours, giving you the necessary push to dream big and motivate you to never give up.

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4. Rely on a single source of income

People with a lot of money have several sources of income. Which means that for those of us who aspire to wealth, we have to invest part of our income to pay off our debts, and reserve for retirement and invest.

This doesn’t mean you have to get a second job while waiting for results (not a bad idea until you have a better option). It could be something you’re passionate about, like writing about technology. You can do it through a blog and start earning a passive income through the market.

5. Not setting a budget

Everyone needs to create a budget and stick to it, but unfortunately, there are many people who do not. Since they can’t see if they are spending more than they are accurately earning, it often leads to financial problems. If you notice that this is your case, then you need to start reducing unnecessary expenses and you should talk to an advisor to claim you.

In fact, this is another habit discovered by millionaire authors such as: Thomas Stanley and William Danko after analyzing millionaire people for their book The Millionaire Next Door.

6. Don’t think ahead

“In my study, ninety-five percent of poor people did not save and most of them accumulated debt to subsidize their quality of life. Consequently, they do not have money either for the time of their retirement or for the their children’s education, or for the opportunities that come their way, “wrote Tom Corley in” Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. ”

Just like Corley says. “Not saving and spending more than you earn creates long-term poverty with no hope of escaping.”

7. Not paying attention to small expenses

You may think that spending $ 40 a day on a cup of coffee has no effect on your wallet. The same goes for that $ 500 gym membership you hardly ever use. But, despite the fact that in the scheme of things these are small expenses, believe it or not, they add up quickly.

I recently randomly checked my company’s credit card payments. I found that 35 percent of people who buy coffee at least 4 times a week or go to the cafeteria every day only pay the minimum on their credit card monthly.

Again, this is why a budget is so helpful. It helps you manage these small expenses so you can adjust and focus on the important things. Remember to only keep the subscriptions that you actually use.

8. Dating the wrong people

Replace the toxic and negative people in your life with those who are optimistic, motivating and supportive. “In life, you will only be successful if you surround yourself with the right people,” says Corley.

9. Postpone

It is one thing to say that you want to become a millionaire and quite another to start doing it. If you want to get out of financial stagnation, then you need to take action as soon as possible. If you sit down with a financial professional to adjust your budget, this would be a great step to start doing rather than talking.

10. Drink and gamble

“There’s nothing like getting rich quick”; “Financial success takes time, initiative and requires relentless effort”; “Those who gamble are deluded into thinking there is a shortcut to success,” Corley writes.

Instead, millionaires “get in the habit of pursuing their dreams and goals.”

On the other hand, excessive alcohol consumption prevents you from becoming a millionaire since it damages your memory, the ability to think clearly and your health. That doesn’t mean that you can’t occasionally have a glass of wine or beer. Don’t make drinking a habit.

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11. Watching too much TV

“Rich people have small televisions and big libraries. Poor people have small libraries and big televisions,” Zig Ziglar once said.

Do not misunderstand. I like to watch Netflix from time to time. But, as in Corley’s discovery, the wealthy prefer to read, exercise, or educate themselves rather than waste time watching television. “Making productive use of time is a hallmark of millionaires.”

“Wasting time belongs to poor people,” says Corley.

12. Not finding a mentor

I’m sure if I had found a mentor years ago I would have gotten rich since then. Why do I believe it? I could have learned from the successes and mistakes of someone who has developed in those fields, their advice could have helped me to omit so many mistakes that I have experienced and instead I could have obtained some benefit.

Instead of going out to get a mentor, open your eyes, they are all around you. You can take the advice of a college professor or your parents.

13. Stay in your comfort zone

Taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone is unsettling. I understand. But until you take that leap, you will find financial success. This is a habit that worked very well for Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Ellison, and Warren Buffet.

“The pursuit of wealth requires risk, most people do not, so they are not rich,” says Corley.

Rich vs. Wealthy: What’s the Difference?

14. Don’t ask questions

You don’t know everything. Put your ego aside for a moment. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but that’s a fact and it will keep you from being rich until you deal with it.

I learned the hard way that trying to guess the future leads to failure and poor decisions. If you are not sure about an investment or an idea for your business, do not hesitate to ask for feedback and advice.

15. Being consumed by failure

Entrepreneurs wear failure as a badge of honor. That doesn’t mean they enjoy or want to fail. Going out of business and losing almost everything is rubbish, but those bumps of life are necessary to become as strong as you can be.

Do not get confused. Failure is horrible. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. Take risks, and if you fail, learn from your mistakes and move on.

16. Not setting daily goals

One of the best habits I have adopted in recent years was writing my goals daily and first thing in the morning. This inspires and encourages me to achieve my goals.

I found that setting daily goals helps prioritize from the most important to the least important. For example, instead of looking for my $ 100 overdue bills, I focus on one or two of $ 1,500. Prioritizing means doing what really matters.

17. Thinking negatively

“Long-term success is only possible when you have a positive mindset,” Corley writes.

Here are some examples of the most common negative thoughts we have that most can overcome:

Doubting yourself. Training, education, and a mentor can change this thinking.

Believe that your goals cannot be achieved. Focus on reaching your daily goals and pushing yourself.

Have bad grades. No. Grades and learning difficulty do not determine success. Ask Richard Branson who overcame dyslexia.

The competition is too tough. You will never know until you try. And, in the worst case? Just turn around.

Lack of concentration. Living healthy and setting daily goals can keep you focused.

18. Don’t save

“A job will never make you rich. Nor will saving all your money in a piggy bank. So how do you build wealth?” Asks Brandon Turner, vice president of growth at BiggerPockets.com.

So how is it achieved? Through tangible assets such as a profitable business, a growing stock portfolio or investing in real estate law.

Remember, your car and toys are responsibilities that take away the income from your future wealth. Focus on acquiring things that will make you money in the long run.

19. Make excuses

Excuses were one of the biggest obstacles between me and wealth. Making excuses is easy when we are trying to understand why we have so much debt and if we don’t have a six-figure income. Saying that we want to “live in the moment” is an excuse not to work and create a better future. Stop making excuses and start working.

For example, don’t worry about saving when you’re drowning in debt. Pay first, and that way you can start saving and investing. If you’re not making enough money, find another source of income like selling things online or delivering pizzas. That won’t solve all your problems, but at least it’s a start to ditching excuses.

20. Failure to follow the 70/30 Rule.

Jim Rohn, one of the county’s leading business authority figures, has a simple formula for building your wealth.

“After paying your taxes, learn to live with 70 percent of your income for your necessities and luxuries”, “it is important to see how you allocate the remaining 30 percent after that.” Mentions Rohn.

Rohn suggests giving one third to charity, one third to equity investments and the last third to savings. You won’t notice anything at first, but “let five years go by and the differences will be noticeable. 10 years later, they will be completely solid.”

We recommend: 4 habits of millionaires that work for everyone.

John Rampton

By: John Rampton Entrepreneur Leadership Network VIP

Source: 20 Habits That Prevent You From Being a Millionaire


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We’re here to tell you, building wealth has almost nothing to do with your income or background. We studied 10,000 U.S. millionaires—the largest study on millionaires ever conducted—and found that most of them don’t look the part. The majority live in normal, middle-class neighborhoods and drive modest cars.

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Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has fast become a global phenomenon. Since its launch in 2009, the digital currency has won the approval of young, tech-savvy investors. Unlike the dollar or the euro, there is no central government regulating Bitcoin, which has made it particularly popular among anti-authoritarians and libertarians. Elon Musk recently invested $1.5bn (£1.1bn), sending the price skyrocketing. At its peak, one Bitcoin was worth over $48,000.

But the currency has a weird side. A really weird side. Retailers sell sex toys that mirror its fluctuations in value. A co-founder of LinkedIn made a YouTube rap battle to explain its pros and cons. There was even a dodgy action movie starring Kurt Russell about money laundering. Robin Hood hackers, tricksy TikTokers, and Marxist broadcasters. Bitcoin has inspired all manner of weirdness. Here are ten bizarre facts about the contentious cryptocurrency.

Man Accidentally Throws $290 Million Into Landfill

We have all lost a bit of money through thoughtless mistakes. Who among us has not left a banknote in their jeans pocket and accidentally put it in the wash? But imagine throwing an old hard drive into landfill, then finding out it contains over $290 million (£210 million) in Bitcoin. For James Howells from Newport in South Wales, this nightmare scenario is a living reality.

Howells purchased 7,500 Bitcoins shortly after the currency’s launch in 2009. After spilling drink on his laptop, he decided to stash the hard drive away in an office drawer. Years later, Howells had “totally forgot about Bitcoin altogether,” and, in 2013, he binned the hard drive. At the time, it contained around $7.5m (£4.6m).

As you can imagine, Howells is desperate to retrieve his lost hard drive. He has even offered to pay the local council a quarter of the money for permission to excavate the site. But Newport council says this is not possible under their licensing permit. Given the cost and potential environmental damage of excavation, they refuse to do so “without any guarantee of either finding it or it still being in working order.”

‘Robin Hood’ Hackers Donate Stolen Bitcoin

In October 2020, the shadowy altruists announced that they had given $10,000 to The Water Project. The Water Project is a charity that provides clean water to sub-Saharan Africa. They also donated to Children International, but the charity declined their money on moral grounds.




10 Amazing Facts About Bitcoin http://blockgeeks.com

“We think that it’s fair that some of the money the companies have paid will go to charity,” the group explained. “No matter how bad you think our work is, we are pleased to know that we helped changed someone’s life.



BitCast Sex Toys

Most investors enjoy the feeling of making a profit from their financial ventures. But now, thanks to BitCast, users can derive sexual pleasure from Bitcoin.

In December 2017, Camsoda launched an online service that allows people to link their sex toys to Bitcoin. BitCast tracks the currency’s market performance and feeds the information in real-time to your vibrator. If Bitcoin suddenly increases in value, you might feel an acute surge of pleasure. But if it drops, BitcCast will tell your toy to dial down its intensity.

7 Journalist Broadcasts The Communist Manifesto Into Space

JORDAN PETERSON Perfectly Explains Why MARXISM Will ALWAYS FailWorkers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your blockchains. In March 2019, a technology journalist used Bitcoin to transmit a short extract from The Communist Manifesto into space. Jordan Pearson beamed his rabble-rousing message up into the atmosphere then back to Earth via a network of satellites.

Blockstream offers a satellite service that broadcasts Bitcoin-related information to most of the world. In 2019, the company updated that service to include messages. So Pearson decided to send a section of Marx and Engels’ famous text because, in his words, “why the hell not?”

With help from journalist Dan Williams, Pearson confirmed that Blockstream had beamed his Marxist message across the globe. As Williams explained, anyone with the right setup can send and receive satellite messages.

6 TikTok’s Misleading Trading Advice

In 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning about unsound financial advice on TikTok. The FCA alerted users to accounts using the app to push high-risk trading practices. The worry is that TikTok users, many of them young and naive, are being drawn in by get-rich-quick schemes.

Some astrologers are even getting in on the act. Among the most popular is Maren Altman, an influencer with over a million followers. Altman creates surreal content that combines unsound financial advice, horoscopes, and a “sexy, Goth, dominatrix vibe.” In a recent video, she encouraged people to invest in Bitcoin based on the positions of the planets. “Venus is crossing Bitcoin’s sun,” she explained. “The sun is crossing Bitcoin’s Jupiter, and Bitcoin’s Jupiter is still doing cute shit.”

5 Crypto, The Bitcoin-Based Crime Drama Starring Kurt Russell

CRYPTO Official Trailer (2019) Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth Movie HDIn 2019, Kurt Russell appeared in a strange financial crime drama based around corruption in the New York Bitcoin market. The movie, Crypto, received a tepid reception from both critics and regular viewers. Some described it as a “so-bad-its-good” tech drama. They said it reminded them of the cheesy Internet movies of The 1990s, like The Net and You’ve Got Mail.

The plot is mostly nonsense. It centers on a lucrative money-laundering scheme set up by a shadowy gang of Russian cybercriminals. And the cringe-worthy tagline—”Fear is the ultimate currency”—does the movie no favors either.

4 Larger Energy Consumption Than Argentina

Bitcoin uses more energy than the whole of Argentina, say analysts at Cambridge University. Bitcoin is created through an energy-expensive process called mining. Mining is a strange mix of puzzle-solving and verifying transactions. Both of these tasks eat up a vast amount of computer power.

In total, mining consumes 121.36 terawatt-hours of energy a year. That same amount could power every kettle in the UK for the next 27 years. Researchers say that if Bitcoin were a country, it would be in the top thirty global energy users.

The amount of energy used depends on the price of Bitcoin. As the price rises, the currency becomes more desirable. Miners are willing to burn through more electricity to get their hands on the next batch.

3 Some Say It Could Save The Porn Industry

The pornography industry is in crisis. Sex workers are increasingly struggling to put food on the table. While major platforms like PornHub generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year, some performers are expected to work for little money or the empty promise of exposure.

Some porn actors say that Bitcoin could hold the solution, but not everyone is convinced. For the last few years, Pornhub has allowed viewers to pay for content in cryptocurrency. For many sex workers, this is a key component of their online revenue. Viewers can pay their favorite performers directly over the internet. Porn actors are profiting from what they see as a more democratic way to sell their content, offering custom videos and live streams to a considerably-sized audience of customers.

But not everyone in the industry has welcomed Bitcoin with open arms. They point out that only a handful of users are prepared to pay for porn using Bitcoin. Many, they argue, are unwilling to pay at all. In 2018, a study by The Next Web found that less than one percent of Pornhub accounts paid in cryptocurrency. With MasterCard and Visa both recently parting ways with the adult platform, online payments are expected to dry up.

“There is no empathy or compassion for creators, at any level. If they are amateurs, then their porn ‘isn’t good enough to be paid for.’ If they are pros, then posting their content for free is ‘fine because they’re hoes with too much money,”’ argues Canadian performer God Ciara. “They view men who make money from porn as geniuses, but the women are just sluts with an iPhone.”

2 India’s Bitcoin Kidnappings

India has been hit by a wave of kidnappers demanding payment in Bitcoin. In December 2020, an eight-year-old boy was kidnapped in Karnataka while walking with his grandfather. They insisted that his father, a wealthy investor, pay 100 Bitcoin ($2.3m) for his son’s return.

Luckily, state police rescued the boy before his father paid. Six people were arrested. This kidnapping was the third case of attempted Bitcoin extortion to take place in the country since 2018. In Gujarat, one businessman even tried to fake his own kidnapping, hoping to scam $3m in Bitcoin.

1 LinkedIn Founder Creates Bitcoin Rap Battle

Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi (BITCOIN GIVEAWAY) [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]. In September 2019, Reid Hoffman released a Bitcoin-themed rap battle video on YouTube. Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, was inspired after watching the musical Hamilton. He thought hip-hop would be an excellent way to explore the “vigorous debate raging between cryptocurrency and centralized currencies.”

The video sees Alexander Hamilton go head to head with Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The unlikely MCs throw a wild array of boasts and insults at each other. “The banks serve Wall Street. Crypto serves all streets,” Nakamoto declares. Hamilton fires back, “Untraceable money—wow, so clever. One typo in your address? Now it’s gone forever.”

Although it seems like a gimmick, Hoffman’s video neatly sums up the conflicting attitudes towards Bitcoin. The rap battle shows how stubbornly some investors reject digital currencies. But it also explains that diehard Bitcoin fans refuse to grasp the currency’s many flaws.

By: Benjamin Thomas

Source: Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Bitcoin – Listverse


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The bitcoin price, now back above $10,000 per bitcoin after dipping under the psychological mark earlier this month, has climbed around 200% so far this year, emboldening bitcoin bulls who had feared last year’s bear market could drag on through 2019.

Now, the Winklevoss twins have warned Wall Street banks have been “asleep at the wheel” on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies—something that’s helped bitcoin retail investors.

“Unlike the internet, which you couldn’t buy a piece of, you can actually buy a piece of this new internet of money,” Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss told CNN.

“It’s still a retail-driven market, from day one. And a lot of people have done really well. Wall Street has been asleep at the wheel,” the twins warned.

Bitcoin’s epic 2017 bull run, which saw the bitcoin price soar from under $1,000 per bitcoin at the beginning of the year to almost $20,000 in December, was largely thought to be due to Wall Street and institutional investment could be poised to flow into bitcoin and crypto.

When this investment failed to firmly materialise, the bitcoin price crashed to around $3,000 per bitcoin last year, only to rebound in 2019 as a result of technology companies taking an interest in bitcoin and crypto.

“We had to invest because we were afraid of missing out, we couldn’t miss out on this future,” the twins added.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss earlier said they are open to partnering with Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on the social media giant’s libra cryptocurrency project after it was revealed they have been in talks about joining the Libra Association.

The newly-created, independent governance consortium for Facebook’s planned token currently counts 28 founding members but is expected to swell to around 100 by the time of libra’s launch next year.

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I am a journalist with significant experience covering technology, finance, economics, and business around the world. As the founding editor of Verdict.co.uk I reported on how technology is changing business, political trends, and the latest culture and lifestyle. I have covered the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2012 and have charted its emergence as a niche technology into the greatest threat to the established financial system the world has ever seen and the most important new technology since the internet itself. I have worked and written for CityAM, the Financial Times, and the New Statesman, amongst others. Follow me on Twitter @billybambrough or email me on billyATbillybambrough.com. Disclosure: I occasionally hold some small amount of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Source: The Winklevoss Twins Made A Serious Wall Street Bitcoin Warning

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss talk with Ben Mezrich and Paul Vigna about Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money. Recorded July 9, 2019 at 92nd Street Y. What do bitcoin, ether, zcash, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies tell us about where capitalism is going next? And how did the Winklevoss twins see it coming? Cryptocurrency has emerged in the last decade as a powerful bellwether for what money might look like in the future—and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are leading the way in how it’s being used. Join them for a fascinating discussion along with author Ben Mezrich (Bitcoin Billionaires) and the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna about the origins of Gemini, their cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, and the future of money. Subscribe for more videos like this: http://bit.ly/1GpwawV Your support helps us keep our content free for all. Donate now: http://www.92y.org/donatenow?utm_sour… Facebook: http://facebook.com/92ndStreetY Instagram: http://Instagram.com/92ndStreetY Twitter: https://twitter.com/92Y Tumblr: http://92y.tumblr.com/ On Demand: http://www.92yondemand.org

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