Something Very Strange Is Going On With Bitcoin And BTC Google Searches

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices are well known to be closely tied to media and general public interest–-though that could be changing.

The bitcoin price has been climbing so far this year, rising some 200% since January, though has recently plateaued at around $10,000 per bitcoin after peaking at more than $12,000 in June.

Now, it appears Google searches for bitcoin and BTC, the name used by traders for the bitcoin digital token, could be being manipulated–-possibly in order to move the bitcoin price.

Source: Something Very Strange Is Going On With Bitcoin And BTC Google Searches

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New Data Reveals Serious Bitcoin Warning

Bitcoin has been rallying hard so far this year but the latest bull run, which has seen the bitcoin price soar by around 200% in just six months, could be coming to an end.

The bitcoin price, which is now hovering just under $10,000 per bitcoin, has climbed so far this year mostly due to expectations the world’s biggest technology companies, led by social media giant Facebook, could be about to dive headfirst into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Now, it seems bitcoin could be headed for a sudden fall, with technical data suggesting the bitcoin price could be about to move sharply lower.

Bitcoin earlier this week broke below its 50-day moving average, which it’s thought could mean the bull run that saw the bitcoin price rise from under $4,000 per bitcoin at the beginning of the year to almost $14,000 could be over.

Bitcoin price data also shows it’s trading under the lower limit of the closely watched GTI Vera Band indicator, it was first reported by Bloomberg, a financial newswire.

The bitcoin price began climbing earlier this year as the likes of iPhone maker Apple, micro-blogging platform Twitter, and Facebook looked to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a potential new revenue stream.

However, the rally was halted in its tracks after regulators around the world poured cold water on Facebook’s ambitious plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, libra, some time next year.

It’s now thought that regulatory issues could completely derail Facebook’s libra project, though it says it’s committed to working with lawmakers around the world to make libra a reality.

“There can be no assurance that libra or our associated products and services will be made available in a timely manner, or at all,” Facebook said.

“[Bitcoin] stands at a key technical juncture,” Miller Tabak + Co.’s equity strategist Matt Maley was quoted by Bloomberg. “[Greater regulatory scrutiny] will become an even more prominent issue (much more prominent) once we move past the summer recess for Congress and into the meat of the 2020 election cycle.”

Bitcoin was pushed into the limelight earlier this month by U.S. president Donald Trump when he unleashed a scathing attack on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, branding them “unregulated assets” in a series of tweets.

Following Trump’s attack and warnings from other global regulators, forensic accountancy firm BTVK warned the bitcoin and crypto “wild west” could be coming to an end, with global regulators closing in on bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges as a result of the spotlight brought by Facebook’s libra project.

Some U.S. presidential hopefuls have though said they’d support bitcoin and the creation of other cryptocurrencies to rival the U.S. dollar, potentially turning bitcoin and crypto into a 2020 election issue.

Earlier today, U.S. lawmakers grilled bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain experts on how Facebook’s libra could upset the U.S. economy.

“It’s clear that digital assets don’t really fit in our current financial system, as the current regulatory framework is awkwardly divided between banking regulators and market regulators,” said Christine Trent Parker, partner at law firm Reed Smith, following the hearing.

“It is unfortunate that today’s hearing made clear that Congress is not going to move forward any time soon in rectifying this issue and that in fact, the lack of clarity and uniformity may be intentional to hamper the ability of U.S. consumers to access (and benefit from) these technologies.”

Some bitcoin and cryptocurrency analysts remain upbeat, however, despite regulatory fears.

“Volumes continue to decline in the crypto market as the cool-down seems to be coming to completion,” Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at brokerage eToro, wrote in a note to clients.

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Source: New Data Reveals Serious Bitcoin Warning

Bitcoin Private Price Gains 12% out of the Blue

Survey: Fifth of Brits Believe Bitcoin Will Be the Currency of the Future – Julie Williams


Bitcoin as a financial instrument has been in existence for quite a long while (since around 2008). It has revolutionized the way financial transactions are being carried out in many sectors across the globe. This is because it possesses the following properties:

  • It is irreversible: After confirmation, a transaction cannot be reversed, whether by you, me or even the Prince of Wales.
  • It is secure: A Bitcoin address is more secure than any central bank in the world. This is because Bitcoin funds are locked in a public key cryptography system. Therefore, only the owner of the private key can send cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is having a volatile period, in fact, it’s had quite a year. It moved from a fringe investment to a global sensation in a matter of weeks in November 2017. All these necessitated the question – what is the future of Bitcoin? One thing is certain, cryptocurrency is changing the future of finance.

A survey on the use of cryptocurrency today and in the future in Great Britain was conducted by YouGov. YouGov is an international internet-based market research and data analytics firm which serves industries, governments, and people by gathering data and giving it to those who can act on them.

Below is the result of the survey:

1. Most people know about Bitcoin

93% of those who contributed to the poll were aware of Bitcoin. This is a huge figure when we take into consideration the fact that Bitcoin has only been around for a short while compared to other currencies. It also shows that Bitcoin has made an impact in Britain.

Among the contributors, one out of twenty persons (4%) claimed to understand Bitcoin very well, while almost six times that many claimed to understand it fairly well. Also, young men seemed more likely to claim to understand Bitcoin than the female folks.

2. British men claim to have a better understanding of Bitcoin than women

A large number of men claimed to understand Bitcoin. 39% of men claim to understand bitcoin either “very well” or “fairly well”, compared to just 14% of women who said they felt the same.

3. Young people have a stronger grasp of crypto than older people

Over 2 in 5 of young people that responded to the survey said they understood Bitcoin fairly well, while 16% of those who are older than 55 said they grasped the technology.

4. Young people have invested more in bitcoin than older people

45 respondents aged 18 – 24 claimed to have bought Bitcoin while just 1% of those aged 55 years and above have bought Bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin will be as common as cash or credit card

As already believed by the average crypto enthusiast, 20% of the participants in the survey believe that Bitcoin will be the currency of the future, 80% do not believe or are not very sure, while 43% are certain it won’t be as common as cash or credit card in the future.

Anyway, that’s their take. Where do you stand? Have you heard ofBbitcoin? Have you ever bought Bitcoin? Do you believe Bitcoin is centrally controlled or controlled by the people who own it? Do you think Bitcoin would be as common as credit card or cash in the future? Have your say!

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