CryptoQuant Predicts Explosive $1T Market Cap For Bitcoin

In a recent report, data analytics firm CryptoQuant projected that if the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves the proposed Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Bitcoin could evolve into a $900 billion asset, while the overall digital asset market could reach $1 trillion. In 2020–2021, the Bitcoin market experienced the first wave of institutional […]

Cryptocurrencies Are Coming Back From the Brink. Here’s Why

After months languishing in the doldrums, cryptocurrencies are surging. On Monday, Bitcoin breached the $50,000 mark for the first time since May. Other coins — including Ethereum, Cardano’s ADA and Dogecoin — also edged higher. And it was only a few weeks ago that some strategists were eyeing a possible drop to $20,000 for Bitcoin, months after […]

Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has fast become a global phenomenon. Since its launch in 2009, the digital currency has won the approval of young, tech-savvy investors. Unlike the dollar or the euro, there is no central government regulating Bitcoin, which has made it particularly popular among anti-authoritarians and libertarians. Elon Musk recently invested $1.5bn (£1.1bn), sending the price […]

Rock Bottom Interest Rates Are Driving A Boom In Cryptocurrencies

After a period of time where it seemed like cryptocurrencies and all financial products with a bit of risk were being shelved in favor of low-risk products such as holding cash or government bonds (specifically the US dollar and Treasuries), the actions of the Federal Reserve and other central banks have caused a roarback in […]

Bitcoin Just Suddenly Surged Toward $12,000 But Now Might Not Be The Time To Buy Here’s Why

Bitcoin, after a prolonged period of stability, has suddenly leaped higher—jumping over the closely-watched $10,000 per bitcoin level for the first time since June and surging toward $12,000. The bitcoin price has added some 20% over the last seven days, hitting highs of $11,420 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange, amid equity market jitters and a rally […]