SendFriend gets $1.7M for blockchain-based remittance led by MIT, Mastercard

SendFriend, a New York-based blockchain startup specializing in international money transfer to the Philippines, has raised $1.7 million in pre-seed funding from a group led by MIT Media Lab, Mastercard Foundation, Ripple and Barclays. Other investors include Techstars, Mahindra Finance, 2020 Ventures and 8 Decimal Capital. The blockchain-based platform, set to launch service from New Jersey and expand to other U.S. states, will allow customers, mostly overseas Filipino workers, to transfer funds back home for about 65 percent less than what is currently on the market, according to David Lighton, co-founder and CEO………………

Source: SendFriend gets $1.7M for blockchain-based remittance led by MIT, Mastercard


Former State Blockchain Directors Partner With Deloitte To Enhance Citizen Control Over Government-Issued IDs – Michael del Castillo


Cab Morris and Jennifer O’Rourke have been working for two years to give their fellow United States citizens—and Facebook users—more control over their personal information. During their previous day jobs with the Illinois state government, the duo began to explore how decentralized technology like that which powers bitcoin could help make that possible. Morris, Illinois’ former director of blockchain strategy, and O’Rourke, the state’s former deputy director of entrepreneurship, worked together on five early-stage blockchain efforts for Illinois, including the potential use of blockchain as a more transparent way to issue deeds for state property and a way to increase state citizens’ access of and control over their own healthcare records……………




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