Can Blockchain Technology Make Agriculture Safer?

Smart contracts built on blockchain technology may eliminate the need for middlemen. Energy grids could use that tech to increase cybersecurity. And aerospace suppliers look to blockchain as a potential investment in keeping track of their supply lines and boosting efficiencies. But perhaps one of the most unexpected – and impactful – applications of blockchain may be in agriculture…………

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Is McDonald’s Ready for Blockchain – Crypto Silbert


McDonald’s has never been a brand to miss out on any opportunity for promotion, and of course, the half-centennial anniversary of the world’s best-known burger is no exception. To commemorate the milestone, McDonald’s has decided to cash in on a trend and release its own global currency, called the MacCoin. Before you start reaching for your Trezor and browsing crypto exchanges though, note that the MacCoin is not a cryptocurrency. It’s a real, physical coin that’s being paid out to customers in 50 countries each time they purchase a Big Mac………….

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