What Is Fibre Broadband?


Fibre broadband is fast becoming a must-have utility. So what exactly is it and does your household need what it can offer?

What is fibre broadband?

Unlike ADSL broadband connections which use standard copper wires to send data, fibre optic broadband works by sending laser light along plastic or glass cables – literally at the speed of light. It means data can be sent and received at vastly improved speeds.

There are two kinds of fibre broadband, FTTC – fibre to the cabinet – being the most common. It connects fibre cables to the green cabinet in your street, which is then connected to your home with copper wires.

FTTP – or fibre to the premises – is where the fibre-optic cable travels all the way to your property, rather than stopping at a street cabinet.

As there is no copper wiring, this is also known as ‘full fibre’. It’s the quickest type of broadband but currently only accounts for a minority of the UK’s connections.

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What are the advantages of fibre broadband?

Because it’s faster, it offers much slicker web browsing, seamless streaming and a generally much more satisfying online experience. Fibre broadband is also a lot more reliable when several members of one household all need to get online at the same time.

How fast is fibre broadband?

According to regulator Ofcom, superfast FTTC fibre connections (with some copper wires) offer download speeds of at least 30Mbps (megabits per second).

Ultrafast FTTP connections (‘full fibre’ straight to your door) offer download speeds of at least 300Mbps, with some packages offering up to 900Mbps or even 1 Gigabit per second (1,000Mbps).

For context, the average broadband speed for the UK is 71 Mbps, according to Ofcom.

How much does it cost?

Fibre is pricier than standard broadband, particularly for the ultrafast speeds via FTTP where broadband-only packages can cost more than £50 a month. There might also be set-up costs to consider. However, FTTP deals don’t require you to have a phone line, which goes some way to offsetting the expense.

Do I need fibre broadband?

Fibre-optic broadband is ideal for busy, modern households regularly downloading films or games, or uploading substantial digital files. It’s increasingly also a must for home-workers relying on high-quality video calls.

Can anyone get fibre optic broadband?

It depends on whether your area is serviced with fibre connections from one of the two main fibre providers – BT Openreach and Virgin Media.

The majority of broadband providers use the Openreach network – enter your postcode on the Openreach online fibre broadband checker to see if you can get it. Virgin Media has its own postcode checker that you can use to check if your area is serviced.

What if I can’t get fibre yet?

While most households have access to FTTC, FTTP is currently only available to only about 15% of households. But that’s going to change with Government targets set to get more homes connected.

If your area is not serviced yet, you can register your interest online with BT Openreach. If there’s enough demand from other locals that have also submitted an interest, BT may get in touch.

You can also register for updates with Virgin Media if you cannot currently get fibre at your address.

How do I find the best fibre broadband deal?

You’ll need to compare broadband packages on offer in the same way as with standard broadband deals. Results can be filtered by cost, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t all about price. A cheap deal might not offer the speed or the service you are looking for.

You should also consider the contract length as well as whether you want an ‘unlimited package’ which means you don’t need to worry about download limits.

Think also about ‘add-on’ elements offered with many fibre broadband packages. These include TV subscriptions, mobile plans and other perks that could offer better value than your existing set-up.

When can I switch broadband provider?

You can switch your broadband provider at any time, but if you’re still in your contract period you might have to pay a fee to end your contract early.

If you’re not sure, check with your provider or dig out your contract to see how much time you have remaining on it.

If you do end up switching, don’t forget to make a note of when your new deal ends – this will serve as a reminder to yourself to compare prices again to make sure you’re still on the best deal.

Best fibre optic broadband providers

1. Virgin Media – 5/5 stars

Average download speed: 466Mbps

Average monthly cost: £42

Complaints per 100k subscribers: 60

Our verdict

The 54% of homes eligible for Virgin Media’s cable broadband service can get some of the fastest broadband speeds available, and at 9p per Mbps (in other words, the average monthly cost divided by the average download speed), one of the best value services too.

Each tariff comes with the 11-antennae, dual-band Virgin Hub 3 router, or the Virgin Hub 4 version with its Gigabit tariff. Ofcom data puts Virgin Media bang on the national average for customer satisfaction.

2. BT – 5/5 stars

Average download speed: 448Mbps

Average monthly cost: £49.99

Complaints per 100k subscribers: 50

Our verdict

BT offers full-fibre tariffs with an average monthly cost of £49.99 and average speed of 448Mbps, giving you a cost-per-Mbps value of 11p. As with its standard fibre tariffs, the Stay Fast guarantee will get any speed issues resolved in 30 days or pay you £20 and allow you to exit your contract without penalty.

Ofcom’s 2020 Customer Satisfaction Tracker found 86% of BT customers were satisfied with its service.

3. EE – 5/5 stars

Average download speed: 448Mbps

Average monthly cost: £48.67

Complaints per 100k subscribers: 22

Our verdict

The mobile network cum broadband provider EE scores very highly for customer satisfaction, and with an average tariff price of £48.67 and average download speed of 448Mbps, it matches BT in value for money.

Each tariff comes with an EE Smart Hub router. The dual-band, seven-antennae hardware promises to manage connections intelligently and reach every room of your home.

4. Zen Internet – 5/5 stars

Average download speed: 450Mbps

Average monthly cost: £51.74

Complaints per 100k subscribers: Data not available

Our verdict

With speeds and prices to rival that of EE and BT in terms of value for money, Zen Internet is a strong contender. Tariffs start at £38.99 for speeds of 100Mbps and each come with a FRITZ!Box 7530 router that allows visitors to use your connection without having to share your wi-fi password.

Ofcom hasn’t published any customer satisfaction data for Zen Internet, but it scores well above average for broadband on TrustPilot at 4.1 stars.

5. TalkTalk – 4/5 stars

Average download speed: 272Mbps

Average monthly cost: £36

Complaints per 100k subscribers: 87

Our verdict

TalkTalk is the cheapest full fibre broadband provider on our list, but it does offer the lowest average speeds. Its two tariffs cost £32 and £40 per month respectively, and offer average speeds of up to 272Mbps. Subscribers get a D-Link router.

TalkTalk scored 78% in the overall satisfaction category of the Ofcom 2020 Customer Satisfaction Tracker, below the national average of 85%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between fibre and copper broadband?

Using the internet involves sending and receiving data from your computer or mobile device. Generally speaking, there are two main ways to transmit data: copper (often referred to as ADSL) or fibre optic cables (and sometimes a combination of the two). There’s also satellite and mobile transmission which we look at below.

When transmitted using copper telephone wires, data is translated into and sent as pulses of electricity. Copper is an excellent conductor with relatively low electrical resistance making it a good medium for sending and receiving data.

Data sent via fibre optic cables moves at the speed of light resistance-free. This makes transmission much faster than copper broadband.

Copper broadband can transmit data up to 24 Megabits per second (Mbps). In contrast, fibre broadband can reach speeds in excess of 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) making it 40 times faster.

A hybrid copper and fibre connection type known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) uses fibre optics from an exchange to the nearest roadside cabinet and then copper cables to your home. Speeds are significantly faster than copper alone, topping out at around 80Mbps.

Fibre To The Home (FTTH) or Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), however, uses fibre optics all the way from the exchange to your home. This offers the fastest possible broadband connection with speeds possible in excess of 1Gbps.

What factors affect my broadband speed?

Other factors, as well as your connection, will determine your household’s broadband speed.

For example, wired connections may produce faster speeds than wireless ones. The more devices connected to your router, the slower your speed is likely to become.

You may also experience lag if many households are using the internet at the same time in your area. Peak hours tend to be in the evening between 7pm and 11pm.

Some factors are beyond your control. For example, the distance between your home and the cabinet affects copper or FTTC connections. Greater distance can mean slower speeds. Even the weather can affect copper cabling and cause problems.

Many broadband providers now offer speed guarantees. These pay compensation if your speed consistently falls below an agreed minimum. Customers are also allowed to leave contracts without penalty if things can’t be rectified.

What other types of broadband are there?

In addition to copper broadband, FTTC and FTTH/FTTP, there’s also satellite broadband and mobile broadband.

Satellite broadband uses the same technology used to receive satellite television like Sky. It can deliver download speeds of up to 300Mbps and is an alternative for people in rural areas where both conventional broadband and mobile broadband are too slow. It’s in something of a transitional period right now.

Mobile broadband is much more widely available and competitively priced. With the roll-out of 5G technology underway, average speeds are going to be climbing rapidly across the country. 4G connections offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps in ideal conditions, while 5G can theoretically offer speed greater than 700Mbps – that’s ten times faster than the average UK home broadband speed.

Will I need a different modem for fibre broadband?

If you’re upgrading from ADSL broadband to fibre broadband (FTTC or FTTH/FTTP), there’s an element of new gear that’s needed, but installation involves minimal disruption.

If you’re upgrading from FTTH/FTTP to FTTC, your master phone socket will need to be upgraded to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). It’s a small white box that attaches to one of your interior walls close to a power socket. This is necessary to connect to the fibre cables that lead up to your property.

Does fibre broadband require a phone line?

FTTC and ADSL connections require a phone line because they use copper telephone cables to transmit data at least part of the way to its destination. FTTH/FTTP does not require a phone line since data is sent over fibre optic cables for its entire journey.

What does FTTN mean?

FTTN stands for Fibre To The Node, which essentially means the same as FTTC. Specifically, data is sent and received via fibre as far as your nearest roadside cabinet and copper telephone wires carry it from the cabinet to/from your home.

By: Holly Thomas 

Source: What is fibre broadband? | Evening Standard


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Better Broadband: CableLabs Showcases 10G, The Cable Connection of The Future

There’s something in the air in Louisville, Colorado or more specifically, in the wires. Humming along miles of networking cabling, zipping through signal repeaters: It’s the future of the Internet.

On Thursday morning at the home of CableLabs — which bills itself as “the leading innovation and R&D lab for the cable industry” — network engineers and representatives from some of the country’s top internet providers came together to showcase some of the fastest speeds they’ve ever transmitted: 8Gbps downloads and 5Gpbs uploads, using the world’s only DOCSIS 4.0 modem and a series of networking technologies that CableLabs calls 10G.

“Besides the people in the labs, nobody has seen this,” said Curtis Knittle, CableLabs vice president of wired technology.

In a closed showroom before a handful of people, engineers and tech experts showed off a demo seemingly worthy of a high-school AV club: gobs of networking cable linking a unique, handmade modem via a series of amplifiers and repeaters. It was a showcase for 10G, the next great leap for broadband internet access, and the blazing, 10-fold increase in speeds promised to homes across America.

Crucially, 10G promises dramatically faster speeds across existing hardware. While you probably subscribe to a 300Mbps or 600Mbps service through your cable provider, your modem can do better – but only so far. Existing connections max out at a theoretical 1.5Gbps. 10G tech will amp it up, and engineers won’t need to dig up the street near you to boost your broadband.

In theory, anyway, although the cable companies themselves will need to install an updated amplifier or two along the way to your house and you may need a new modem.

“We’re super excited about what’s coming,” said Stephanie Michko-Beale, EVP and Chief Technology Officer for Charter Communications. “This suite of technologies is transformational.”

“We’re certainly very enthusiastic about what we’ve seen,” said Len Barlik, EVP and Chief Technology Officer for Cox Communications. “From a customer experience perspective, we know there’s a lot of demand for this moving forward.”

In a press release announcing the tests, Elad Nafshi, EVP & Chief Network Officer at Comcast Cable, echoed their comments and touted the advancements. “These 10G technologies represent the fastest, most efficient path to deliver multigigabit symmetrical speeds at scale everywhere, not just in select neighborhoods or towns.”

“The pace of 10G innovation is only accelerating, and Internet users around the world will reap the benefits.”

When asked, none of the company representatives were willing to state a timeline for release of new DOCSIS 4.0 modems or the 10G service, but that’s to be expected: The tech was being shown off for the first time. It’s likely years down the road. So what is it exactly?

Knittle from CableLabs called 10G a “holistic umbrella” — more than just a new modem or better coax cable. There’s DOCSIS 4.0, a new standard for the cable modem. DOCSIS 3 and its 3.1 evolution have been growing and changing for over a decade; TechRadar wrote about its promise back in 2010. DOCSIS 4.0 or full-duplex DOCSIS was officially released in 2017, but good luck finding a modem or a carrier to support it yet.

The 4.0 spec brings those blazing speeds, most notably the upload. You’ve probably noticed that your upload speeds are dramatically slower than your download speeds, and it’s not just your computer. 4.0 doesn’t quite bring parity, but it will significantly increase the theoretical maximums to 6Gbps, by sending uploads and downloads along the same spectrum within the fiber optic cables.

10G technology also brings new technologies to boost reliability and security, CableLabs says, and decreases the latency in connections, which should facilitate gaming, interactive AR (that metaverse thing everyone’s talking about), and other internet activities that rely on precision.

Jeremy Kaplan

By: Jeremy Kaplan

After 25 years covering the technology industry, Jeremy Kaplan is a familiar face in the media world. As Content Director for TechRadar, he oversees product development and quality. He was formerly Editor in Chief of Digital Trends, where he transformed a niche publisher into one of the fastest growing properties in digital media. Before that, he spent half a decade at one of the largest news agencies in the world, and cut his teeth in magazine business, long before the birth of the iPhone. In 2019, he was named to the FOLIO: 100, which honors publishing professionals making an industry-wide impact.

Source: Better broadband: CableLabs showcases 10G, the cable connection of the future | TechRadar

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Progress On A Technical Solution For Aviation Safety And 5G In Time For Christmas

The plan was for Verizon and AT&T to rollout 5G in the C-band on December 5, in time for the holiday broadband binging period. But the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a cryptic advisory on November 2 saying that while there was no evidence of interference, pilots should start watching their altimeters for odd readings.

While these same pilots fly into more than 40 countries with some 175 5G networks deployed and report no problems with 5G, the FAA effectively deemed 5G as a threat to aviation safety. Mobile operators paused their rollout for 30 days and sought to reconcile the issue.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) undertook a two-year process of technical evaluation to develop the rules for the C-band, working closely with stakeholders from mobile, satellite, aviation, safety, federal regulatory, and other domains.

In addition to regulations on power levels, interference, and other requirements, the FCC required a 200 MHz guard band between proposed 5G operations at 3.7-3.98 MHz guard band to shield transmissions from altimeters which operate at 4-0-4.2 MHz, twice what aviation industry requested (and which exacts an enormous social cost of lost funds which could otherwise go to the Treasury).

Moreover, the FCC defined a phased rollout, first at 3.7 MHz to allow additional testing and only then at 3.8 MHz, effectively a 400 MHz guard band for the rollout. As such, it was entirely defendable in March 2020 that the FCC declared that there was no safety risk for altimeters from 5G operations.

The FAA knew about 5G for years but avoided making altimeter safety requirements for fear of upsetting its captive aviation trade associations which wanted to avoid the burden and cost of new equipment. Had there been international technical standards for altimeters, this problem would have never occurred, though it takes time, commitment and resources to professionalize.

It appeared that the FAA pressure was a means to shakedown mobile operators in the hopes for a payout to upgrade obsolete altimeters sitting in aging planes and helicopters.

Mobile operators drive the solution

Before Thanksgiving, AT&T and Verizon announced extensive voluntary, precautionary mitigation measures to assuage the FAA’s concerns in the and a commitment to launch January 5, 2022. The FAA said, “This is an important and encouraging step…

The FAA believes that aviation and 5G C-band wireless service can safely co-exist.”  The operators proposed a series of mitigations for 6 months which go above beyond what any nation requires of its 5G providers and amounts to the world’s most protective environment for altimeters in developed countries. The mitigation includes

1.      Creation of a nationwide skyward power limit to restrict the amount of energy directed toward aircraft in flight

2.      Additional power restrictions around airport runways, taxiways, and gates that will limit energy directed towards altimeters during take-off, landing, and on the ground operation.

3.      Additional power restrictions at helipads to limit 5G emissions during near helicopter landings and other maneuvers.

Thus the mobile industry will drive additional real-world data to optimize transmissions and coexistence. Such a study should have been forthcoming from the FAA and the aviation industry, but not only did they submit bogus test results to the FCC, they refused to make the data public for scientific review.

Some Christmas spirit and cooperation

On December 22, CTIA – the wireless industry association, the Aerospace Industries Association, and Airlines for America announced an “ongoing collaboration to find a data-driven solution and deploy 5G while preserving aviation safety. The best technical experts from across both industries will be working collectively to identify a path forward, in coordination with the FAA and FCC.”

Congress and President Biden just concluded the bipartisan infrastructure bill with a $65 billion push for broadband. A White House fact sheet asserts, “Broadband internet is necessary for Americans to do their jobs and increasingly important for small business owners all across America.”  Indeed, national security leaders including 4-start generals urged the White House to resolve the issue, lest the US fall of behind China in 5G network rollout and service development.

Mobile operators, which spent some $70 billion to buy spectrum and plan billions more to build networks, should be able to exercise their license rights. Companies make these investments on the premise of a stable regulatory environment. When it became clear that aviation interests would not move, mobile operators proposed a solution.

Yesterday’s announcement is a promising step forward toward a final resolution that the aviation industry will accept. Investors should have the confidence that mobile operators will protect their assets from regulatory abuse.

Like the Grinch that stole the Christmas tree, the aviation parties and FAA stole Americans’ Christmas present of 5G in the C-band. Let’s hope that the parties can find the Christmas spirit and cooperate for the benefit of all Americans whose need for broadband is heightened during the pandemic.

Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I analyze international technology policy through business economics. EVP, Strand Consult; Co-Founder, ChinaTechThreat; Visiting Researcher, Department of Electronic Systems,

Source: Progress On A Technical Solution For Aviation Safety And 5G In Time For Christmas


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