Where You Want To Be: The Meaning Of Mentorship

Slightly more than a decade ago, I welcomed my second child into the world, while waiting to hear if I had been selected into a dermatology residency program. After five grueling years at the country’s top medical school—while raising two babies, and continuing to accrue debt—I was more than eager to start my life as an actual doctor. Today, I am a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon specializing in hair restoration, ethnic skin care, and skin cancer surgery in Kansas City and New York City. The immense amount of unwavering determination and hard work that was necessary to arrive at this point in my career cannot be understated…….

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How To Encourage Honest Business Relationships In The Post-Truth World – Chris Myers


I’ve written extensively about the challenges of running a business in a world where, as Rudy Giuliani once remarked, “Truth isn’t truth.” What I haven’t covered up to this point, however, is a practical guide to managing relationships in this post-truth landscape. When it comes to the topic of truth as it pertains to business relationships, we tend to focus on the art of detecting lies. An entire industry has sprung up around reading body language and spotting the “tells” that indicate someone is lying……

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