How To Stand Out As a Leader In a Saturated Online Market

Fit in, or stand out? Serve existing markets, or serve those in untapped markets? As the online marketplace becomes increasingly saturated for entrepreneurs, and the amount of information available to us online leaves us feeling increasingly overwhelmed, we reach a point where we have no choice but to pull back and reassess what is important […]

Key Points To Consider When Developing An International Business Strategy

Let us take a minute to salute the international companies, those that have gone multi-market or are on that path. They deserve our applause and respect. When I led market entry programs , I observed that these international firms tended to outperform the purely domestic firms, but for a reason you might not expect. Companies […]

How to Start a Business in 10 Steps

A little less than two-thirds of Americans want to start their own business. Perhaps surprisingly, this is true among both younger and older workers. Like the drive to write a book ( 81% of Americans) or work as a full time freelancer (soon to be half of all workers), starting your own business is a widely shared […]

Is This The End For Consultants?

In his recent book The Interim Revolution, business transformation expert, Pat Lynes interviews executives about their perceptions of consultants and the results are damning. The majority believe the primary concern of management consultancies is “landing and expanding”–not actually solving the problems at hand. Cynicism around consulting is nothing new. That adage about a consultant “borrowing […]

Apollo 11’s Transcendent Leadership Lessons

The Apollo 11 astronauts are transcendent leadership role models. Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images To paraphrase Walter Cronkite, it was, and remains to this day, the greatest adventure in the history of mankind. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing says much about the capability of our country, the miracles of science and engineering […]