Can the Reemergence of European Travel Save Us From The Worst of the Recession?

Europe is on the verge of an economic crisis that hasn’t been seen for almost a century if forecasts from the EU’s Commission prove correct.  The anticipated decline of economic activity looks set to reach 7.5 percent due to the widespread chaos caused by COVID-19. Figures are set to fall further should the second wave of […]

Lessons of Lockdown: What Creative Freelancers Will Be Doing Differently When Things Return To Normal

Over the last two weeks, our entire world as we know it has been turned upside down in a bid to protect the NHS and save lives. Although we’re happy to do our bit, it’s especially tricky for freelancers and small businesses in the creative industries, as often the first thing to be cut is […]

The Growing Importance of Utilizing eCommerce in Europe Ahead of a Recession

Oftentimes in the business world, change is forced by necessity. The havoc wreaked by COVID-19 has sent shockwaves throughout world economies and the coming months look set to bring a recession that will dwarf the 2008 financial crisis. European markets will be among the hardest hit by financial hardship in the coming months. As the […]