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Terri created stunning, high-quality real videos in minutes with our easy to use, video maker. These videos helped her convert cold leads into raving customers. She was able to sell videos in half the time with half the budget it normally took her for more money than she used to make.

Nothing creates videos faster and better than Videoremix’s AI. Videos drive far more traffic on Facebook (around 59.3%) compared to images (around 29.6%), [According to databox]. So why not transform your existing images on Facebook and Instagram into stunning videos with X-Wave? Or you can instantly create stunning promotional videos from ANY URL.

Want to convey a particular mood, jump between storylines, switch to another point of view, spice up the narrative or move backward or forward in time with your new video? X-Wave adds unique transitions to make your videos look terrific and engaging.

You created a video but if you now have to wait hours to actually use it that defeats the purpose. Nothing is more frustrating for a video marketer than seeing the “rendering” sign going endlessly clockwise. We have kept that in mind and made sure that, within less than 1 minute you can render high resolution videos.

With X-Wave you’d be running a full-blown Video Creation & Marketing Agency very soon, whether that was your plan or not – seeing the kind of money your customers would be eager to pay you for a video might change your resolve to just ‘stick to your business’. And handling multiple projects for your clients’ or even for your business can be quite a stress.

Your X-Wave account is loaded with 20 Premium Templates. 10 of these templates target the Real Estate niche and the other 10 can be used to create videos in whatever niche you may choose. These templates are created by a team of very talented designers and marketers who have complete sense of what’s working and what’s not working in the market today.

X-Wave comes with an built-in premium music library. Use these tracks as background music to set the right tone and feel to your video. No stress that you might end up getting your video taken down because you used music that was copyrighted (Yeah, that happens) or worst you end up spending another 30-50 bucks for buying the background music files you’d like to use. X-Wave’s library has music to convey any mood you’d like.



Vidtasia 2.0 – The Over-The-Shoulder Professional Video Editing Training Suite

You may be on your way to learning the smartest tricks in the trade, but even for those to come into effect, you need a smooth platform that allows you flawless working and experimental space. Camtasia makes it easy to create professional screencasts (capturing all actions on screen) for demonstration videos, instructional videos, and other screen-recording projects. The interface is fairly easy to understand right away with your media, transitions, animations, and effects working in sync with your canvas. This is by far the easiest platform to build your videos on. If you’re doing anything with videos, know that screen recording plays a vital role in audience engagement…………..


Source: Vidtasia 2.0

PixlyPro – How To Add a Call to Action On ANY Viral Content Anywhere Online


PixlyPro is a link shortener with inbuilt integration to 6 social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Quora. The software also has an inbuilt call to action software which enables you to utilize any website URL to place your call to action software on. Users who click on your link are then “pixelised” and can therefore be retargeted.

Pixly Pro lets you add your retargeting pixel on the six of the Internet’s TOP sources of traffic at the cheapest prices possible. So you can tap in to penny clicks seamlessly with top social media connections around the web.

Once your account is set up you can use PixlyPro to hijack ANY link online, it works for:

  • Competitor websites, their posts, videos or even product pages.
  • Affiliate links, on any network, in any niche, for any product
  • Your own web pages, blog posts, social media shares etc etc etc

You simply take any website link you find online… Choose what you want to have happen when people go to that link. Make a button, optin form or banner display on any page.


Then share like you normally would, with a friend on facebook, to your email list or on your Youtube channel. Whatever you do is perfect. What happens next is GOLD. The software creates a whirlwind of visitors on your pages in a truly unique way.

BEFORE: Anyone who clicked on your links was gone forever when they left NOW: You can reconnect with them AND their friends, as well as anyone else who’s interested in the topic of your content now in your web of delicious marketing reach.

Until now, you’ve never been able to get access to the person who shares your posts… or the person who shares that post… or all of those people who then go and share those posts. Now – you can tap in to a massive audience that continues to grow like wildfire

Find any viral website,video or store

Add url to the software

Add call to action

Start siphoning your competitors’ traffic from 6 of the largest social media platforms

As well the simplicity of being to run 6 retargetting campaigns from one link, there is also the ability to retarget other people’s content through our Call to action functionality. This enables you to utilize any website URL to place your call to action software on. Users who click on your link are then “pixelised” and can therefore be retargeted. 

There is also Social Media integration – PixlyPro is integrated with the ad platforms of six leading networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Quora. A URL shortener – shorten any URL to either the PixlyPro domain or your own domain, and track, monitor and supervise your traffic. And leading edge analytics – you can track the data from your campaigns to make sure you maximise your results and receive super targeted, cost efficient traffic.



CoEmbed – How To Promote Your Product Or Service With A Branded Call-To-Action Header On All Videos | Online Marketing Tools

1.jpgSource: CoEmbed – How To Promote Your Product Or Service With A Branded Call-To-Action Header On All Videos | Online Marketing Tools



VidEntice grew out of a need to have high converting video call to action elements right on the video itself, in order to get viewers to take action right there and then. To this day, I still get unsolicited emails from students with successful businesses telling me that what they really want is the power of video with instant engagement. So…

VidEntice is the only software of its kind to do all the video conversion work for them. With just few clicks of the mouse, students can set up their video calls to action all in the right place and ready to go.

When you have this software you can take any Youtube, Vimeo or Daily Motion video and add your clickable call to actions right inside the video and put them on your blog, websites, eCom stores or even directly to your Facebook Fan Pages.Here’s exactly what can be added to ANY video:

 Clickable Banners or images that redirect viewers to any link
You can select 6 different mockups
Buy Buttons (for selling right inside the video)
Optin forms (for list building)
Share Icons (for social sharing)
And so much more

So, you’ve created this exceptional, targeted video content but because the video is too long, the user is impatient and clicks away. Guess what? You’ve just lost a potential sale. This, my friends, is a serious problem in a lot of video marketing I’ve seen.

The problem is that the Call to action (if any) normally happens at the end, so the impatient viewer will click away without taking any action. VidEntice is designed to fix this problem for you.

It does this by allowing you to embed all sorts of calls to action DIRECTLY ON YOUR VIDEO. And, get this – these calls to action can be inserted not just at the end, but at any point in time on your video.


This is how it works:

This highly increases the probability of your prospects taking action even if they do not get to the end. How cool is that? Remember, the greatest video content in the world means nothing if you don’t have a way to tell people what to do AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Heck, I can’t even begin to tell you how many videos that have gone viral but failed to capitalize on the millions of eyeballs watching. What a waste of good video content. Let VidEntice help you to stop losing and start winning.


Intelli Player


If you want to take advantage of video marketing without actually creating your own videos…and you want to be able to build a list and boost sales by using other people’s videos, then Intelli Player is a software that claims to help you achieve that. But does it actually live up to the hype? Let’s take a quick look at this tool to see if it can deliver on its promises. Intelli Player is able to let you create buttons so people can email you…in addition to letting you add Opt in forms inside the video that are also mobile friendly. You’re not just going to have to use whatever buttons they have set up already, either. There are also buttons that you can set up to go wherever you want. Would you like to show people a facts page about the products? You can do so by creating a button that links to your page with that information on it. Are you going to try and build up a mailing list or gather phone numbers to text people marketing messages. A great feature of Intelli Player the ability to add a clickable call to action on most video types. The videos that you can find on Amazon S3 Video, YouTube, or Vimeo can be used with this feature and that makes it very versatile. Many marketers don’t know that the embed codes that YouTube or other site provide don’t really do much more than include whatever is in the standard video. It may just have an ad from YouTube and the video, so by using Intelli Player you can make your videos do much more.







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