How MegaSuite Commercial Sells All Multimedia Stock Resources In A One Marketplace

MegaSuite Marketplace is a complete DFY Marketplace Business Builder that comes loaded with multimedia assets that you can start selling in minutes. Ever tried to launch an agency, Maybe through a product you bought. And when you actually started, and got everything up, You simply didn’t get traction AT ALL? There are 2 main reasons […]

It Took Canva a Year to Make Its First Technical Hire. Now It’s a Hiring Machine

Plenty of entrepreneurs adhere to the mantra of “hire slow, fire fast” and for good reason. Then there’s Melanie Perkins, the co-founder and CEO of Sydney-based design software company Canva. She spent a year trying to find her first technical hire. While Perkins didn’t intend to spend so much time filling her first engineering position, […]