Low Emissions Flash Method Upcycles Waste Plastic Into Free Hydrogen

Depositphotos Researchers have used a low-emissions method to harvest hydrogen and graphene from waste plastics. They say it not only solves environmental problems like plastic pollution and greenhouse gas production, but the value of the graphene by-product could offset the costs of producing hydrogen. Hydrogen is used to power vehicles, generate electricity, and heat our […]

Do Carbon Offsets Reduce Climate Change?

Reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change is crucial if we want to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. Carbon offsets are one way to achieve this; however, some assert they do not really work due to various issues involving effectiveness, credibility, and success rates. So, we had to ask: do carbon offsets reduce […]

How Companies Can Help Support Biodiversity

Getty In the U.S., you could have blinked and missed a momentous announcement that impacts our ability to safeguard and improve our planet. I noticed that news coverage of the COP15 on biodiversity in Montreal was significantly less than that of the COP21 agreement on climate held in Paris in 2015. Nor did it receive […]

Net-Zero Aviation Is Possible With Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Illustration: Ben Boothman In 1903, The┬áNew York Times predicted it would take between 1 million and 10 million years to develop airplanes. The Wright Brothers took flight just nine weeks later. In 2023, the same levels of ambition, determination, and innovation will make green flight a reality, and the first commercial passenger planes fueled by […]

Futuristic Hybrid Solutions Make Zero Carbon Housing Possible

The Dandelion Energy team installs a geothermal system in a home in New York.(c) 2022 – Credit: Courtesy of Dandelion Energy Reinvention. That may seem like an obtuse, dramatic, or exaggerated term, but it is exactly what the housing industry needs to meet zero carbon goals in the next couple decades. According to the Center […]