Reclusive Millionaire Warns: “Get Out of Cash Now”

Something strange is going on in the financial system. And according to The Financial Times, it’s about to send a massive flood of cash into the pockets of the most prepared Americans. What exactly is going on and what does it mean for your money? I recently met up with former hedge fund manager, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud — one of the most widely-followed financial analysts in the world. Today, he shuns the spotlight and lives on a remote island off the Florida coast. And he’s built a new life… and a substantial fortune… by sharing a series of eerie predictions. Many of which have proven correct…….

Source: Investing Outlook


How This Millennial Came To Realize The Value Of Old-School Management – Chris Myers


Youth is a funny thing. No matter how many mentors you have, classes you take, or books you read, you always think you know better. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about business or simply life in general, the young are genetically programmed to reject the wisdom of their elders. It’s only when you accumulate enough life experience and begin to become an elder yourself that you begin to realize that much……

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5 Ways To Go From Being A Good Boss To A Great Boss – Karlyn Borysenko


There are a lot of bad bosses out there – that’s no surprise. In fact, 65% of Americans would choose to fire their boss over getting a pay raise. But what gets lost in the midst of trying to stop an awful lot of bad behaviors is the fact that there are a fair number of good bosses out there as well. These are bosses who genuinely care for their team members and want to do the right thing by them. Bosses in the “good” category are already doing a lot of things right, but still have room to move from “good” to “great,” and drive engagement and team productivity on a whole new level……

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Google Says The Best Managers Have These 10 Qualities – Zack Friedman


It’s called Project Oxygen. Beginning in 2008, Google researchers wanted to understand what makes a manager great at Google. Here’s what they found.Project Oxygen…Google sought to identify the common threads among Google’s highest performing managers. Based on internal research, Google then applied its findings to its manager development programs….

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5 Wise Cash Windfall Hacks for Small Business Owners

Cash Windfall Tips: Saving Money When the Ship Comes In

Ah, there’s nothing quite like receiving a windfall of money. It may come by way of an unexpected inheritance, a work bonus or a job promotion. And depending on how you spend it, that sweet bit of extra cash may leave you feeling either relaxed or stressed out.

While it’s tempting to spend it immediately, you know it’s in your best interest to sock most of it away for the future.

Cash Windfall Tips

Here are a handful of tips on how to save when you get a windfall of cash:

Hold Off on Lifestyle Upgrades

As tempted as you may be, don’t fall prey to lifestyle inflation. While you may want to move into larger digs or buy that sleek new ride you’ve had your eye on, hold off for now. This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever upgrade your lifestyle. It’s just a better idea to make sure you have  your financial bases covered before you begin to indulge.

Instead, pay yourself first and this way you’ll be putting your money toward what’s most important to you. From here, divvy up your extra cash into specific accounts, or transfer it into a single money goal for an impactful punch.

Stick with your Saving Habits

If you’re committed to saving a certain amount each month for your money goals, don’t let this fall by the wayside. While it’s easy to be lured into splurging on non-essentials, such as a new wardrobe or shiny Airstream trailer, use your windfall of cash to propel your existing goals.If you really want a new toy, set up a specific savings account and commit to putting money into this bucket each month.

Splurge Wisely

Now that you’ve got some extra cash in the bank, it’s time to do a happy dance. Why not enjoy some of this newfound money?

But here’s the thing: if you’re going to indulge, do it within reason. Save a specific amount for fun or spend whatever is leftover after you save for your goals. Rent that sports car for a day, go on a safari wine cruise, or dine at the restaurant featured on Chef’s Table. Just don’t spend it all.

When I have a great month as a freelancer, I allocate anywhere from five to 10 percent of “extra money” toward a spending account for pure indulgences. I save the rest in my emergency fund, as well as my savings accounts for a new car, investing, gifts, and retirement. What’s great about planning out your splurges is that can still save prudently. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can afford to spend. This will go much further than blowing your entire windfall of cash all at once.

Pretend you Never Got It

While you may be tempted to spend that extra cash on something frivolous, it’s a much better idea to pretend it doesn’t exist and keep saving for your goals.When I was fresh out of college, I received a small windfall of cash from my mom. She had just bought my brother a new car, and be fair to me, she cut me a check for a sizable down payment on new wheels.

I was living in a squat apartment at the time, and barely bought anything beyond the bare essentials. In fact, I only afforded myself one long weekend trip a year. Trust me, I was tempted to burn through that money. Instead, I squirreled it away, put myself through an amnesia machine, and tried to forget I ever received it. Even when I landed a job promotion and made more headway on my savings, that money never left my account.

Grow your Money Beyond your Windfall

By practicing delayed gratification and employing the other tried-and-true tricks listed here, you’ll stay motivated to save long after you receive that windfall of cash. And, by developing healthy money habits, you will hopefully see your overall financial sitch improve.


The Master Plan Academy (Cash Management Course)

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