Bitcoin Could Churn Out 130 Million Tons Of Carbon, Undermining Climate Action. Here’s One Way To Tackle That emission

  Bitcoin mining site manager Guo-hua checks an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) at … [+] The Washington Post via Getty Images The power demands and carbon emissions of bitcoin mining could undermine global efforts to combat climate change if stringent regulations are not placed upon the industry, a Chinese study has found. By 2024, mining […]

How Koincart Help Small Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment with Revolutionary Technology

Cryptocurrency holds the key to not just keeping many small businesses afloat in these rocky times (including many ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores)… but skyrocketing their earnings and growth, too. In fact, there are some insane benefits to accepting crypto payments for goods & services starting today like… Taking payment by card incurs 25 cent + 2%-4% of […]

Credit Suisse To Tighten The Reins After String of Scandals

Credit Suisse will unveil a new centralized structure on Thursday in an attempt to bring its far-flung divisions to heel and draw a line under a string of scandals that have cost the Swiss bank billions of dollars, two sources said. Over the past year, Credit Suisse has been fined for arranging a fraudulent loan […]

Here’s How To Implement a Skills First Approach To Workforce Development

The American workforce is on the cusp of massive disruption, with 40 percent of employees actively looking to change jobs in what economists are calling “The Great Resignation.” This presents business leaders with two unique dilemmas: first, how to manage churn within their own organizations; and second, how to effectively hire new talent, while developing their existing […]

BlockFi Mistakenly Deposits Outsized Bitcoin Payments

BlockFi, the crypto lending and trading business, mistakenly deposited large amounts of crypto to user accounts. The payments were associated with a promotion they were running, in which users would receive bonuses in USD stablecoins. The promotion was intended to be “paid out in one lump sum in GUSD” according to their website. Instead, some […]