Should You be Lying to Your Kids About Santa?

Then my son was eight, he asked if Santa was real. I didn’t know what to say, so I dodged the question. Naturally, he sought answers from the place that never let him down: the World Wide Web. When I spied him searching “Is Santa real?” on the iPad, I gently took it from him […]

6 Ways Parents Can Reduce Heavy Metals In The Food They Give Their Babies

A report released Thursday found that 95% of baby foods contain heavy metals. Here’s what parents can do to reduce their children’s consumption. (Photo: Lisa5201, Getty Images) A report released Thursday found 95% of baby foods are contaminated with one or more toxic heavy metals. The study conducted by the Healthy Babies Bright Futures organization tested 168 baby foods from […]

Teach Your Kids to Value Empathy Over Tenacity

If you watched Coco Gauff’s third round loss in the US Open on Saturday, chances are you won’t remember the score or many details about the match itself; you’ll mostly remember how Naomi Osaka consoled the 15-year-old after her defeat. And if you’re Osaka’s parent, you should be more proud of the kindness and empathy […]

How to Introduce Flavor Into Your Kid’s Sad, Bland Diet – Michelle Woo

My five-year-old daughter has declared that ketchup is “spicy.” She prefers foods in shades of beige. Her ideal dinner rotation would be something like dino nuggets and peas, cheese pizza and peas, plain udon noodles and peas, tater tots and peas, and ice cream and peas. As a mom who was once a food writer, […]