Smoke & Mirrors: Disney, Big Tobacco, & the Selling of American Unreality – Grafton Tanner


Between 1955 and 1991, Disneyland ran a Tobacco Shop on Main Street U.S.A. A model of the wider American society outside the groomed insularity of the Anaheim theme park, Main Street boasted an assortment of shops that mirrored the small towns that would vanish over the course of the twentieth century. Nestled between a cinema and a magic shop, the Tobacco Shop sold cigarettes, pipes, pipe tobacco, and other smoking accessories. After buying your favorite pipe blend, you could visit the “local” ice cream parlor or perhaps the Main Street Flower Mart, which specialized in beautiful arrangements of plastic flowers. “If you want an outdoor flower market with real flowers,” Werner Weiss at Yesterland writes, “you’ll have to go to a real city.”……

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