How The Brain Distinguishes Memories From Perceptions

Kristina Armitage/Quanta Magazine The neural representations of a perceived image and the memory of it are almost the same. New work shows how and why they are different. Memory and perception seem like entirely distinct experiences, and neuroscientists used to be confident that the brain produced them differently, too. But in the 1990s neuroimaging studies […]

Meditation Can Better The Brain. Are We Morally Obligated To Meditate

Studies have shown that meditation can change your neural circuitry in ways that make you more compassionate.Getty Images A growing body of neuroscience research shows that meditation can make us better to each other.Finding the best ways to do good.Eight weeks ago, I started meditating every day. I knew I’d be going home to visit […]

Brain Drain: Scientists Look at Why Mental Exertion Triggers Exhaustion

It’s a familiar feeling on a Friday evening. After finishing a gruelling day’s work, you finally agree with friends on where to meet for a night out. But by the time you have figured out what to wear and where you left your keys, a night on the sofa begins to sound more appealing than […]

Desk Work Hack: Boost Productivity With Frequent Breaks

Humans are not designed to sit for long periods. Doing so can distort the spine, strain muscles, and drain energy levels. A good ergonomic chair can reverse these effects by supporting healthy sitting postures. Adding frequent short breaks can take things to another level. Learn how microbreaks can supercharge the effects of a healthy ergonomic […]

The Science of Mind Reading

One night in October, 2009, a young man lay in an fMRI scanner in Liège, Belgium. Five years earlier, he’d suffered a head trauma in a motorcycle accident, and since then he hadn’t spoken. He was said to be in a “vegetative state.” A neuroscientist named Martin Monti sat in the next room, along with […]