How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Faster In 2019

You have several choices how to attack your credit card debt. No matter which strategy you choose, remember to always make at least the minimum payment on all your credit cards to avoid additional penalties and fees. Don’t skip payments. It can be intimidating to tackle your credit card debt if you focus on the total amount due. Instead, think about your credit card debt in smaller amounts, such as by each credit card……….

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6 Credit Cards You Should Not Ignore If You Have Excellent Credit

Whether you want straight cash back or points or miles you can use for travel, there are great options for those with good credit.

Source: NerdWallet | Credit Cards Marketplace

How To Never Miss A Credit Card Payment Again – Kimberly Palmer


While forgetting to make a payment might seem like a pretty boneheaded move, it was actually the most common reason people gave for making a delinquent credit card payment, defined as being late by 30 days or more, according to NerdWallet’s recently released 2018 Consumer Credit Card Report. (Other common reasons given were that they needed the money to pay for essentials or for an unexpected emergency.),…..

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