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How Bitcoin (and Blockchain) is Changing Crowdfunding

How Bitcoin (and Blockchain) is Changing Crowdfunding: Blockchain technology is quietly disrupting a whole lot of industries. Right now, it’s mostly being done without a lot of fanfare (much like the internet at the beginning), but the ball is rolling and it’s gathering momentum…….


3 Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Crowdfunding Campaign – Roy Morejon

When Retro Computers turned to Indiegogo for crowdfunding, it promised $100-level funders a handheld gaming device called the Vega+. With promises from the company that the device would come equipped with more than 1,000 games, the console quickly gained a following, and more than 3,600…

6 Signs Your Business Idea Is Ready For Financing – Jared Hecht

It’s thrilling to hit on a great idea for a business, and envision yourself at the helm of a lucrative new endeavor. Less thrilling, though, is the prospect of securing the necessary financing to get from idea to real-life CEO. The truth is, finding the money…

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