How Business Intelligence Can Fuel Your Efforts

Big data holds big potential. According to IDC, businesses spent $215 billion on big data and business intelligence solutions in 2021 alone. That represents a 10% increase compared to 2020. Job growth in data analytics and business intelligence (BI) also remains strong. It’s clear that the future is doubling down on data. But all its […]

What An Ethical Data Strategy Can Look Like

Meaningful data are extremely valuable for small businesses, says Streamlytics founder and CEO Angela Benton, but it’s your responsibility to find and use information ethically. We’re currently in a new era of data collection–and that’s for the better. That’s according to Angela Benton, the founder and CEO of Streamlytics, a company that collects first-party consumer data transparently […]

Why Is China Cracking Down on Ride-Hailing Giant Didi?

Just days after Didi Global Inc., China’s version of Uber, pulled off a $4.4 billion initial public offering in New York, the Chinese cyberspace regulator effectively ordered it removed from app stores in its home market, citing security risks. The ruling doesn’t stop the company from operating -– its half-billion or so existing users will […]

Why Your Workforce Needs Data Literacy

Organizations that rely on data analysis to make decisions have a significant competitive advantage in overcoming challenges and planning for the future. And yet data access and the skills required to understand the data are, in many organizations, restricted to business intelligence teams and IT specialists. As enterprises tap into the full potential of their […]

How The Power Of Predictive Analytics Can Transform Business

With the acceleration of digital transformation in business, most CTOs, CIOs, and even middle management or analysts are now asking, “What’s next with data?” and what ongoing role will technology play in both digital and data transformations. Other questions that keep these individuals up at night include: How can people throughout all organizational levels be […]