Master Safelist Mailer

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MasterSafelistMailer has re-launched with some AMAZING DEALS!

MasterSafelistMailer NOT ONLY gives you SUPER FANTASTIC deals on OTO Upgrades, high commissions, you EVEN get SUPER SOLOS to help you promote your online business!

During the Re-launch, ALL OTO’s Are Set up using a Dime-Sale! Upgrades start at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES, and go up 10 cents after each purchase! The price grows as the membership grows!

Right now, you can lock in a One-Time VIP Upgrade with a Dime-Sale starting at 37.00, going up 10 cents after each purchase.

VIP Login Offer:

50% Referral Commissions
Mail 3X Per Day
30 Solo Ads
30 HP Solo Ads
30 Banners
30 Button Ads
30 Text Ads
30 Sponsored Login Ads

5 Blazing Hot Super Solos to 56,016+ Members!
Retail Value: 19.95

5 BlastOff Super Solos to 109,940+ Members!
Retail Value: 34.75

5 Power Solos to 46,208+ Members!
Retail Value: 19.95

5 Power Solo+ to 43,652+ Members!
Retail Value: 19.95

5 Power Solo XTRM to 29,758+ Members!
Retail Value: 19.95

That’s 114.55 Retail Value In Super Solos!

You get to Mail 285,574 Members 5X!!!

Get A 5-Pack of Ads just for registering!

Earn BONUS Points and Advertising for every 10 Ads Clicked!

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Traffic Wonderland

We know that all online marketers need to increase their website traffic, all marketers have this in common. You do want to increase your website traffic correct? When you increase your website traffic, you will also be increasing your opportunity to make more sales and get more marketers to sign up to your business opportunity.

I think it’s safe to say that you came to our website site to build your mailing list, generate more sales, or even to start branding you and your online business opportunity.

Traffic Wonderland is a traffic generation website that will increase your website traffic fast. We deliver high quality website traffic for FREE!!! fast and easy to use, you will start increasing your website traffic within minutes of signing up to Traffic Wonderland, you will start having online marketers, like yourself, looking at your business opportunity.

If YOU Want to increase your website traffic ACT NOW To secure your FREE Membership for life, all you need to do is Click The Sign Up Button, enter your info and than you are ready to start increasing your website traffic for free!

2.jpgWe Have Spent 18 Months On Building A System That Brings Traffic To Your Website For Free. Just spend A Little Time With Us Everyday And You Will See The Power Of Traffic Wonderland.

Traffic WonderLand Is Free To Join. We Will Bring Traffic To Your Website Fast. Can Your Site Handle The Bandwidth? Sign-Up And Find Out.

Enhanced Web Traffic


Enhanced Web Traffic is a brand new instant commission viral mailer.Take your promotions to new heights and earn instant commission  direst to your PayPal Account.

Email marketing is proven to be the best method for making sales and you can use their list to reach new prospects.Use their list to increase traffic, build your own
list, build your downlines and make sales.

Besides sending emails periodically using the mailer, you can also send solos to the entire membership. Their solos are not only low cost, but you can also purchase them using credits. (This is almost unheard of in the list mailer industry).

Enhance Web Traffic also has its own virtual currency – eBuck$ for members to use to buy advertising here or at many other sites including some lifetime upgrades!
Enhanced Web Traffic is awarding $200 in cash prizes in their first official referral competition!


Building your list for traffic, downlines and sales has never been easier. You will get:

* Instant commissions paid direct to your PayPal account!

* Periodic mailing to members.

* Solos to reach the whole membership. These solos are not only low cost, but can be purchased using credits! (This is almost unheard of with these mailers).

* Other forms of effective advertising such as banners, text ads and login ads.

* eBuck$, an in site currency, for members to use to buy advertising here or at many other sites including some lifetime upgrades!




Top Viral Mailers

Top Viral Mailers

With Top Viral Mailers you can add your affiliate IDs to the mailers in Top Viral Mailers, and whenever anyone sees your page, they’ll be clicking on your referral links and if they join Top Viral Mailers they’ll be in your downline. Use our Promo Tools to get people to your Top Viral Mailers page.  Any link they click will be linked to your referral ID in that program, so you can promote all the best mailers from one page.Viral Mailers have proven to be one of the most effective forms of online advertising, but with so many out there, how do you know which ones are the best? Introducing Top Viral Mailers, where marketers can vote on their favorite mailers, and then build their downlines in all of them! Promote all the best Viral Mailers from one splash page, and get exclusive promo codes for free advertising. Find the Viral Mailers that will bring you RESULTS.


Internet Traffic 247

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Online marketers are all looking for the same thing. More connections.Connections to your downline,Connections to your website or page,Connections to your social networks and Connections to your list.Since 2011 Internet traffic 247 Also Known as IT or IT 247 has done traffic exchanges in our own way.Traffic exchanges are a great way to get eyes on your ads. Centered in the online marketing niche, Traffic exchanges like internet traffic 247 are a great part to a well-rounded advertising campaign. Traffic exchanges have an endless supply of internet marketing minded individuals looking at ads. Many people looking to find a new way or add on to their online income, pass through traffic exchanges everyday. Search engines and Pay-per-click campaigns are great and often very pricy. Traffic exchanges are a fantastic way to get an idea of how a banner ad, Text ads, or a splash/ Landing page will perform. Often without having to spend any money. So you know which banners text and pages will convert better when you are ready to buy an ad campaign.IT is a social mix of Traffic Exchange, Social and list building I know you are going to like it cause IT is all About you. IT builds your downline and your social network at the same time showing your sites!



Build My Downlines

The program works by allowing its members to advertise on the website itself, plus send promotional emails to other members. Members can also recruit others to the program and earn commissions if their recruits upgrade to paid levels.You can earn credits toward your own advertising by reading other member ads. You can also purchase credits for advertising, and you can refer other members and earn credits that way. The people that you refer to the program will be in your personal downline, and they’ll be directly exposed to any other programs that you’re promoting. If anybody in your downline upgrades to one of the paid levels, you also earn a commission. Your downline can go to five levels deep.There are four levels of membership in Build My Downlines: free, Silver, Gold and Lifetime. Free members earn 20% commission for any referrals who upgrade to paid levels, and they get other limited benefits. Silver membership costs $19.97 per month, and they get 50% commission for paid referrals. Gold membership costs $39.97 per month, and they get 60% commission for paid referrals. Lifetime membership costs a one-time fee of $247, and they get all the benefits that Gold members do. The higher your membership level, the more you can send promotional emails to other members, and the more programs you can promote on the site.


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