Punch Card Mailer

Generating Traffic Is A Great Start… But With Our One – Two Punch, You’ll Not Only Generate Plenty of Traffic… You’ll Have A Ton Of Fun At The Same Time. Punch Card Mailer is Amazing It’s already Punching Through The Competition!

Unbelievable! Punch Card Mailer has over 1100 members.This new Viral List Builder has exploded onto the net just a few hours ago and it literally has become one of The Best Email Marketing programs online.

The benefits of this program are nothing short of amazing. They provide everything you need to advertise your sites effectively and their membership is full of Buyers looking for what you have to offer.Right now they have a new member bonus of $1.50 cash, 1500 credits, 1500 Banner and 1500 Text links.

Now here’s where it gets real good:  Mail the list Every few days or every 12 Hours, Paid To Click Click4Cash, 5-7 Second Timer, Monthly Bonus Credits, Earn Credits per click, Banner and Text Advertising, Spot light ads, Reset Mailer, Weekly Jackpots, Downline Builder..

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