What if you could build an app for your company without having to hire expensive and hard-to-find software developers? That’s the promise of low-code and no-code platforms: wresting the power to solve workflow problems from the hands of the engineers. Can you imagine? “Now,” says David Adkin, co-founder and CEO of no-code platform Adalo, “entrepreneurs can solve their own problems.”

It’s a huge shift. The fact that anyone, regardless of coding chops, can drag-and-drop their way to a fully functional mobile app, or even tell a computer in plain English what they want that app to do, means businesses now have a powerful tool for quickly improving their digital presence cheaply. 

Still, there are a few things worth knowing if you want to join the revolution. We’ve interviewed experts in the field to bring you some critical tips to going sans code


Even low-code apps require planning, governance, and training, according to Rachel Brennan, VP of product marketing at the Washington, D.C.-based software firm Bizagi. Loop in your IT and ­legal teams to monitor security, compliance, and scaling concerns associated with new software.

Beware Shiny Objects

Tara Reed, founder of no-/low-code school Apps Without Code, suggests test-driving different tools and choosing one that matches your skill level. If you already have design experience, she says, “pick a tool that gives you lots of freedom with design.”To guide your decision, see “Tools to Try” below.

Unlock Your Full Potential

No-code and low-code aren’t just for consumer-facing products. Ed Macosky, chief innovation officer at IPaaS firm Boomi in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, advises leveraging these platforms’ AI and machine-­learning power to automate workflows for internal teams.

Don’t Be Shy

Don’t try to perfect an app ­before bringing it to market, says Emmanuel Straschnov. The founder of NYC-based Bubble says no-code platforms like his enable entrepreneurs to iterate faster and collect more data than with traditional coding, so it’s worth getting user feedback as early as possible. Just be sure not to store any personal information like credit card or Social Secu­rity numbers on the app.

Tools to Try

Adalo: For creating ­native ­mobile apps

Bubble: For those who need flexibility

Glide: For making your very first app

Webflow: For creating­ ­websites and landing pages